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  • Rejection Proof Character Analysis

    over a period of 100 days and by the end has basically concurred rejection. In the story The Wizard of Oz the four main characters are searching…

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  • The Wizard Of Oz: The Perfect Family Film

    Even though The Wizard of Oz made its debut in 1939, critics today almost unanimously agree that it deserves its title of being one of the most influential films ever released. Audiences spanning across generations have celebrated its success for nearly eighty years, and Dorothy’s story continues to teach children valuable lessons regarding family and loyalty. Despite this long-lasting impact, The Wizard of Oz did not immediately gain fame upon release; in fact, only when it made its first…

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  • Differences Between The Wizard Of Oz Movie And Book

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book has countless differences compared to the movie. To name all of them would take hours. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a children’s novel written by L. Frank Baum with illustrations by W.W. Denslow. The book, released in May of 1900, has been reprinted numerous times but often under the name The Wizard of Oz, which is the name of the 1902 Broadway musical and the popular 1939 film adaptation. Some people prefer the book, while others would rather see the movie; it…

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  • Victor Hugo's Les Misérabless By Thomas C. Foster

    Throughout his book, Thomas C. Foster makes many statements in his various chapters that leave readers with mixed emotions. Because of this, it is challenging to give a solid single response. On one hand, several chapters present ideas that, when tested against previously read literary works, are thought-provoking and provide a successful framework for accurately analyzing literature. On the other hand, Foster makes some claims that are broad generalizations that don’t always hold up to scrutiny…

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  • Morality In Black Beauty

    and books. The novel Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, although originally meant as a training manual for horses, has a main message that comes directly from the main character’s attitude throughout the book. Even though, the children’s book The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum was meant to be purely for entertainment, it has a strong principle throughout the story. Both novels have important morals, the importance of always doing your best with what you are given in Black Beauty and needing to discover…

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  • Example Of Foreshadowing In Wicked By Gregory Maguire

    Wicked, by Gregory Maguire, explores the life of the infamous “Wicked Witch of the West,” formerly known as Elphaba. Elphaba is born green. On top of that, she is almost completely/entirely unloved by her parents. Elphaba must navigate through life in Oz, facing the challenges of her appearance, an unjust government, racial injustices, life in society, and a world that seems like it’s out to get her. Slowly and steadily, Elphaba begins to tumble down farther and farther away from her reasonable…

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  • Follow The Yellow Brick Road Analysis

    “Follow the Yellow Brick Road, follow the Yellow Brick Road.” The film The Wizard of Oz is not only a beloved classic of motion picture, but also a model of Buddhist ideas, values, and ethics. The story begins on a farm in Kansas in the early 1900’s. Dorothy lives with her Aunt and Uncle. Miss Gulch, her neighbor, hits Dorothy’s dog Toto resulting in Toto biting her. Miss Gulch takes Toto on her bike to be euthanized by the sheriff. Toto jumps out of the basket and runs back to Dorothy…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: There's No Place Like Oz

    There’s No Place like Oz Caroline lived in the midst of the great North Carolina piedmont with Jamie, who was her mother, and Alex, who was her older brother. Their house was made of brick, and sat upon a tall, grassy hill overlooking the road below that no one ever drove on. When Caroline stood in the doorway and looked around, she could see nothing but the great gray small town on every side. Neither a Starbucks nor a Forever 21 broke the broad sweep of mountainous country that…

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  • Gregory Maguire's Accomplishments

    Have you ever wondered what life would be like over the rainbow? Way up high in the lands of Oz? Have you ever wanted to know the real Wicked Witch of the West? Well then, you're in for a treat. Gregory Maguire is an American novelist born in Albany, New York in 1954. He received his PhD in English and American Literature at Tuft University. He is the author of many parallel novels and stories for both children and adults. The most famous of Maguire's novels is, without a doubt, Wicked.…

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  • What Does Green Symbolize In The Wizard Of Oz

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was written by L. Frank Baum and the colors in this story represent the different regions in the different towns and cities the characters visit. Green represents the Emerald City where Oz resides, yellow represents the Yellow Brick Road which leads to the Emerald City, the color red represents the Quadlings, and the color blue represents the Munchkin Country. The color green represents the Emerald city. However anyone who enters into…

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