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  • What Are The Similarities Between Pyramus And Thisbe In Romeo And Juliet

    good ones. The messages that “Pyramus and Thisbe” sends are similar to those of Romeo and Juliet, but also add in a separate lesson when Thisbe begs the mulberry tree: “Keep in remembrance always the sign of our death, the dark and mournful color”(Ovid 123). Like Romeo and Juliet, “Pyramus and Thisbe” also cautions against emotional decisions, but combines this with the purpose of a myth, which is to explain something in nature; in this case, the color of mulberries. While many things appear to…

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  • Creation In Hesiod's Story Of Creation Myth

    different than Ovid's story of creation because in Hesiod story of creation, the areas of Earth seem to have happened by chance with no guidance, the Gods mated by chance, and have created things with no set purpose. Mankind is just there. According to Ovid in the beginning there appears to be guidance with not as much chaos. Things seem to be in somewhat order and he assumes that we should know how the Gods came to be. In Hesiod's story of creation Prometheus tricks Zeus, but all of mankind…

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  • Violence In Titus Andronicus

    This essay will aim to explore the ways in which themes of societal breakdown and honour are defined through violence in both Ovid’s The Tale of Philomela and Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus . Violence is not used here as a single broad term, for in both texts there is clear delineation between masculine and feminine violence, and again between honourable and dishonourable violence. To quote Jessica Lugo, “Shakespeare’s Ovidian precursor delivers a tale of gore that develops the themes of…

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  • Comparing Love And Passion In Ovid's Metamorphoses '

    difference in love and passion is that love is constant and passion is not. In Metamorphoses, Ovid uses several of his stories to show examples of different types of love and passion. Two stories with examples of both love and passion are the stories of Pyramus and Thisbe and of Byblis and Caunus. On the other hand, an example of passion is the story of Medea and Jason. Within his stories about love and passion, Ovid reveals the danger of passion without love and the harm in love and intense…

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  • Dante's Inferno Greek Analysis

    In Dante’s Inferno, Dante Alighieri writes himself as a traveler who is traversing through the realm of the underworld with the Roman poet Vergil as his guide. In documenting his journey, Dante continually references and encounters both fictional characters and historic figures from the Greek, Roman and Catholic canon. In doing so, he brings the characters and figures back to life, allowing him to rewrite them in his own context and perspective. By reviving these characters and melding the…

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  • The Aeneid In Chaucer's House Of Fame

    In Book I of “House of Fame,” Chaucer recounts the story of Aeneas and Dido using contrasting elements of both Virgil’s Aeneid and Ovid’s Heroides. While the Aeneid presents Aeneas as making a noble sacrifice on behalf of his gods and his people, the Heroides’ recount of Dido’s lament paints Aeneas as a selfish lecher. The uneasy interweaving of these warring texts leaves the dreamer, the reader of the temple walls, unsure of whether to forgive or to condemn Aeneas (426-430, 293-295). The…

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  • Theme Of Love In Ovid's Symposium

    shot 49 people at a gay nightclub. The terror attack had such a horrific outcome that at the time it was the worst attack on the United States since 9/11, both attacks rooted in hatred. In the literary works, Symposium by Plato and Metamorphoses by Ovid, the narrators contemplate whether love acts as the disease or remedy for society and the individual. These themes still have an importance in today's society, as acts of hatred still permeate through the fabric of humanity tearing apart any hope…

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  • Gnomeo And Juliet Analysis

    Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet, a story of two young lovers who kill themselves because they are kept apart by a feud, is an example of source transformation because it takes many ideas and plot points and adapts them from other stories, especially Ovid's Pyramus and Thisbe. Romeo and Juliet has also been a basis for other mediums such as films and art, for example, the movie Gnomeo and Juliet,which took Romeo and Juliet and used the main ideas and themes and other plot points to make a…

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  • Theme Of Love In Ovid's Metamorphoses

    caused Apollo to become entranced by the river nymph named Daphne. While, on the other hand, she was shot by an arrow of lead, causing her to hate him. In this story, Ovid portrayed love as a game of cat and mouse: where one wants the other and the other flees. The love Apollo felt could be characterized as an overbearing love. While Ovid chose to portray love as overbearing, many authors choose to portray it differently. In Kate Chopin’s works, “The Storm” & “The Story of an Hour,” Calixta and…

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  • Hesiod's Theogony: Cyclopes In Ancient Mythology

    Cyclopes in Ancient Mythology Let’s begin with what these interesting monsters are and where they came from. Cyclopes are generally described as having a single eye and of being large and powerful. In Hesiod’s Theogony, the first three Cyclopes, Thunderer, Lightner, and Whitebolt, were children of Earth and Heaven alongside the Titans and Hekatonkheirs. Hesiod describes them as “like the gods, but with a single eye lay in the middle of their forehead; they had the surname of Circle-eyes because…

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