Ottoman Dynasty

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  • Causes And Consequences Of Medieval Crusades

    Causes and Consequences of the medieval Crusades The Christian crusades arose from the Byzantine Empire 's struggles, and the misunderstandings between the Turks and Christian travelers. Byzantine used these misunderstandings to Byzantines ' own advantage to strengthen itself, during a critically weak moment for the empire. The crusades that broke out became many holy wars and lasted from 1096-1270. These holy wars caused a lasting impact on the economy and surrounding areas. Princess Anna…

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  • Ottoman And Aztec Empires: Theocratic Violence

    society and the role that religion played in shaping both the Ottoman and Aztec Empires. As well as investigating these societies separately, we will compare and contrast the two to understand how their similarities or differences made them the great empires that they were, in the regions that they ruled.…

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  • The Patricide By Khoja Behbudiy Analysis

    As Central Asian scholars brought in influence from Eastern Europe, especially the Ottoman empire, they discovered the growing importance of education and attempted to further the idea among Central Asian elites. The Patricide by Mahmud Khoja Behbudiy is a play that exemplified the very values of those scholars, who were known as Jadidists. In the play, Behbudiy introduced two ranges of characters which represented the divided attitude in the acceptance of Jadidist beliefs. One side involved…

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  • Militarism And Nationalism

    Many times in history, the fire of a gun, the explosion of a cannon, or the scream of a soldier tell the story of militarism. Imperialism is told first by a promise, but ends in betrayal. Nationalism rings loud in the crowds of people protesting for freedom and unification, but two times in history these individual acts would lead to world fighting. Militarism, imperialism, and nationalism would lead to the First and Second World Wars. Militarism is the predominance of the military class or the…

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  • Aspects Of War In Remarque's All Quiet On The Western Front

    The most difficult moment for Paul is when he faces a French soldier. This was truly a tragic moment that changed Paul’s perspective of war. The language that Remarque uses is so simple and yet very touching. The sentences in this chapter are particularly “short and bring out the constant sense of fear and the threat of death that accompany battle; longer ones are employed for the self-analysis that Paul undergoes” (Hutchinson 60). The whole idea of war and patriotism falls into questioning. The…

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  • Great War Consequences

    such as, technological advancement, economic problems, political consequences, and social affections. One consequence that the war had emitted was a shift in the political world. The political by Kaiser Wilhelm II, The Austro-Hungarian Empire, The Ottoman Empire, and The Russian Empire. The war had also helped spark a revolution in Russia, Causing revolutionists to overthrow the Russian Monarch, and establishing a communist government, making Russia the world’s first communist government. The…

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  • Armenian Genocide In Germany

    The Ottoman Empire faced devastating losses at the First Balkan War in 1912. The problem originated, when Ottoman Turks crossed the Black Sea straits and that resulted into uniting the Balkan states into the ‘Balkan Union,’ that agreed to defeat the Ottoman Turkey. Bulgaria and Serbia ruled the Balkan Union, who aspired to conquer Macedonia because Macedonia was already at war with Italy, thus it was weak. Later, Greece and Montenegro advanced against Turkey with military forces. Within weeks,…

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  • Essay On Ancient Empires

    As soon as people started participating in agriculture we had populations. People started moving to rivers to be able to grow crops. Which had them live by a lot of people. But the starting of an empire is a different story. Empires formed before 350 BC for four main reasons. The reasons are climate change, migrations, new technologies, and administrative innovations. Egypt, Persia, and Neo-Assyrians showed these techniques while building their empires. One reason empires are built during this…

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  • Europe's Last Summer Analysis

    could delay if not prevent WW1 it would be a diplomat from Germany. The events that if changed could prevent a world war and instead France and Germany by seceding more land from France, continuing the reinsurance treaty with Russia, and taking of Ottoman lands. In the peace dealing with France after the Franco-Prussian war, a German diplomat could help create a long-term plan for war by taking more land from the eastern side of France. Land grabbed by Prussia at the time was in effort to put as…

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  • Thesis For Sandcastle Girls

    Thesis: Within the endless sands crossing between, the decaying Ottoman Empire, millions of Armenians were sent on to their deaths by being forced across these sands by the Turkish government. In Chris Bohjalian, Sandcastle Girls, he creates a fictional novel that showcases these atrocities, while entwining the story into personable characters and an engaging story. The thesis of Sandcastle Girls is to create a fictional love story, which allows the reader to gain an understanding of the events…

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