Ottoman Dynasty

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  • Sacred Space

    The sacred space I chose is the Fatih Mosque, it also famous as Conqueror’s Mosque. It is one of the world most important and creative monuments of architectural history in Istanbul, where the East meets the West. Fatih Mosque was constructed between 1463 and 1470 A.D by Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih, who conquered Constantinople in 145. It built on the site of the Church of Holy Apostles. When Sultan Muhammad conquered Constantinople, he ordered his armies to apply the orders of Islam and not to…

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  • Gandhi's Idea Of Civil Disobedience

    Civil Disobedience –Martin Luther King. Jr & Mahands Karamchand Gandhi Eddie Li Tianjin Foreign Languages School Introduction For hundreds of years since the prevail of human civilizations, no matter in eastern or western countries, citizens were and are always trying to pursue a more democratic society. Since then, regional conflicts and battles had been raised in European and North America in the past two centuries, millions of people got injured or dead during the war time. However, civil…

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  • The Schlieffen Plan

    militaristic German Empire sought to expand their boundaries and diplomatic alliances were failing at an alarming rate between the European powers, shifting military alliances between two sects. The Central Powers, primarily the German, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman, and Bulgarian Empires, were in an all-out war against various Allied Powers, in which the bulk of the offensive was made by the French, British, and Russian Empires,…

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  • The Importance Of Human Diversity In Turkey

    biggest city and metropolitan area in Turkey. Throughout history, being located in what we can describe as the centre of the “old world”, Istanbul has been the Capital of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire, and most recently the Ottoman Empire. Istanbul is the only city in the world which is located on both the European and Asian continents which is separated by a 20 mile long waterway, referred to as the Bosphorus that links the Mediterranean Sea located in the south to…

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  • The Importance Of The Battle Of The Somme

    Often times, many sharp vicissitudes occur in the world which brings metamorphic changes to the surroundings. The Battle of the Somme is one such example. During World War I, the Battle of the Somme, fought primarily by the British army with help of the French against Germany, near the Somme River in France was a turning point. The battle of the Somme was a pivotal point for the Canadian homefront, and due to the deplorable battlefield failures of the Somme, a plethora of lessons were learned…

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  • Ottoman Empire Design

    The Ottoman Empire was one of the biggest, wealthiest and longest Turkish Muslim domains ever. With Constantinople as its capital city, it turned into the focal point of exchange between the eastern and western world. Constantinople was amidst the dark and Mediterranean Sea so they found themselves able to control the exchange courses and particularly the Silk Road. By the sixteenth century, the grounds under Ottoman guideline extended from focal Europe to the deserts of the Arabia. The…

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  • Similarities Between Hitler And Mussolini

    Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were dictators in Europe after World War I until the end of World War II. Hitler and Mussolini have similar aspects and ideals, yet they both have their own key differences. Each dictator affected their respective countries through their leadership and heavy influence. Hitler’s and Mussolini’s rise to power can be compared and analyzed by showing their influences of power that affected their economical, political, social changes on society. Hitler and…

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  • Crusading Warfare Summary

    When looking at Peter Burkholder’s secondary source “Popular Misconceptions of Medieval Warfare”, the main argument is clearly outlined, stating that “popular entertainment sometimes reflects medieval and military history, historians dismiss this popular media, however they help to clarify the general public’s misunderstandings about medieval warfare.” The thesis statement of this article is developed through the assertion that other popular media sources such as movies and video games, draw…

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  • Causes And Consequences Of Medieval Crusades

    Causes and Consequences of the medieval Crusades The Christian crusades arose from the Byzantine Empire 's struggles, and the misunderstandings between the Turks and Christian travelers. Byzantine used these misunderstandings to Byzantines ' own advantage to strengthen itself, during a critically weak moment for the empire. The crusades that broke out became many holy wars and lasted from 1096-1270. These holy wars caused a lasting impact on the economy and surrounding areas. Princess Anna…

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  • Ottoman And Aztec Empires: Theocratic Violence

    society and the role that religion played in shaping both the Ottoman and Aztec Empires. As well as investigating these societies separately, we will compare and contrast the two to understand how their similarities or differences made them the great empires that they were, in the regions that they ruled.…

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