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  • The Reflection Of Music Is The Absolute Bread Of Life

    If I am in a situation that I know only God can see me through it, then I lend to Gospel. Most of the time when I am listening to music it is Gospel that I choose to listen to. However, when I am feeling depressed or upset about something I just turn on the radio and listen to whatever is being played or I might pop in a CD of my favorite artist. Music speaks to my emotions. After, listening to it from being depress or upset it soothes and relaxes me. The music that makes me happy is Gospel.…

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  • History Of Motown Records

    Wanting others to succeed, he signed many African Americans hoping to lead them into a better life. Artists like Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding truly helped change the race image. Whites and Blacks both enjoyed the sound of Motown.Motown was a sound of simple song and lyrics which both races could relate to. Marvin Gaye was interested in releasing a single called “What’s Going On?” explaining…

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  • Stax Museum Reflection

    I don’t know how the wonderful music history of Memphis pass me by but somehow It did! I have always heard that Memphis is known for its music history, especially the blues, but I never investigated the theory for myself. The instructor at the college challenged me to write a paper about the history of the Stax Museum in a reflection paper and I am really glad she did. It influenced me to finally take the time to view the history of Memphis firsthand starting with the Stax Museum. The research,…

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  • Where Did Our Love Go Analysis

    Social Formations and Their Representations in Society as Seen Through Music This paper will argue that Bessie Smith’s song “Young Woman’s Blues” and The Supremes’ song “Where Did Our Love Go?” exhibit both hegemonic and counter-hegemonic components through their reflections of sexist and racist ideologies that existed during their respective eras. Smith released “Young Woman’s Blues” in 1926 which was during the height of the Harlem Renaissance in which black people were able to create their…

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  • Coffee Shop Ethnography Paper

    filled with the image of a green and white siren printed on each cup. Saturating the visual field, there is no denying an individual has step foot into this establishment. The aroma of coffee filled the air and the sounds of Bon Iver, Ben Howard and Otis Redding created an ambient environment. What draws people of different backgrounds to spend their valuable time at this establishment? The simplicity of the coffee shop allowed for the creation of a diverse environment. Customers filled the…

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  • Impact Of Hip Hop Music On The 1990s

    There are many impacts hip hop culture and movement of 1980 and through the 2000s have on contemporary young African American identity. Therefore the hip hop cultures and movements of the 1980 through the 2000 had a negative impact on contemporary young African American identity this is due to the fact hip hop artists lyrics often uses negative connotation their music may be considered vulgar and violent and because adolescent will follow what they hear. In addition, adolescents are easily…

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  • Aretha Franklin's Music Analysis

    The 1960s was a tumultuous decade for the United States. Along with the escalation of the Vietnam War, this decade was rocked by the Civil Rights movement and the second wave of the Feminist movements, creating an immense amount of social tension. As a result, people turned to politically-charged music, predominantly Rock n’ Roll, to release their frustrations. However, an equally important musical genre, Soul, was left in the background. Despite the fact that Soul music was not as popular in…

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  • Aretha Franklin Biography

    Born in 1942 as the daughter of C. L. Franklin and Barbara Singers, Aretha Franklin had a destiny of fame set out for her with her father being a renowned Baptist preacher and her mother a successful gospel singer. She grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, until she was six years old when her parents split, causing her and her four siblings to follow their father’s preaching assignments to Detroit, Michigan. Her father became a national preacher at New Bethel Baptist Church, while her mother passed…

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  • Fuck Tha Police History

    One of the most notorious and unapologetic groups in n rap of the 1980s, N.W.A. (Niggaz Wit Attitude), helped to redefine rap as something that could be intelligent, transformative, and socially aware. You can hear the influences of satire, funk, and realism in their lyrics as well as the impact of artists like Public Enemy, Prince, and RUN DMC. One of their most iconic songs, ‘Fuck Tha’ Police’ was listed on Rolling Stone 's: Greatest Songs of All Time, but it goes much deeper than that. I…

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