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  • How To Write A Narrative Essay On Iron Club Fitness

    I go to the venue to meet Sam. I get a little pre stage pump before I go on. I am not feeling confident because I still have some fat on my body. I ask myself “Why did I have to eat that pizza?” I go on stage and see the competition, it is not looking good for me. These guys are way leaner than me. They named the top 3 and I was not one of them. I go back stage and see Sam. He is looking really disappointed. Sam ask me “what happened? Did you follow your…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Theatre Changed My Life

    feeling as if our show was trash. These thoughts and feelings only built up and ideas went from We’re all just stressed to There is no way this is going to work out until I’m not good enough wouldn’t leave my mind. As I stood in the darkness of the stage right wing waiting to go onstage I felt warm tears slowly fall down my face and I fell apart. I sat down on a chimney top and let my head fall into my hands while internally scolding myself for letting this happen. That ended though and…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Eighties

    When you hear the words “The Eighties” what first comes to mind? There is a good chance the first subjects that come to mind would be big hair, classic rock, sweet workout videos and clothes, and great movies. If I were to be transported back in time and be forced to live out the rest of my life in a time period, my very first pick would definitely be the eighties due to it being one of the most iconic decades. Growing up, my father talked about how different it was back then compared to how it…

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  • Kiss Land Concert Report

    the spotlight shined on him and he began to sing. The atmosphere was incredible, and I have yet to experience something similar at any other concert I have been to. The different spotlight they used and the screens that played videos behind him on stage were done very well. Throughout the concert he played songs from Kiss Land most of the songs on his Album. He also played some of his more popular songs from his previous mixtape, The Trilogy. I was a bit disappointed that some of my favorites…

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  • Rhetorical Devices In Beauty And The Beast

    Beauty and the Beast of Nerves In through the nose; out through the mouth. She chants under her breath between gasps for air. The art of performing has always been an exhilaration to Stacy, and her many years of acting on stage have resulted in much joy and pleasure. There’s only one thing that stands in the way: a bad case of nerves. It’s late October as the leaves begin to dance off trees in cascades of golden crisps. The northern breeze feels delightful against the contrasting beams of sun…

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  • Fuddy Meers Analysis

    Dustin Mosko directed the production of Fuddy Meers, written by David Lindsay-Abaire and performed by the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, which I attended on October 6, 2015 at 7:30 pm. I enjoyed this play and thought the actors did a wonderful job; I loved the set and the costumes did a wonderful job completing the character. The story was somewhat confusing to keep me engaged, but I feel like that was the goal of the playwright. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the ending. In this…

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  • Critical Analysis: Film Analysis Of Heathers The Musical

    set was well put. The actors had plenty of room to move and make their choices, and even the sides of the stage I thought would be left out were used quite a bit and very well. The lighting of the space was also very well executed. The choice to make an almost minimal light plot fit incredibly well with the overall dark theme of the play. The time where it was necessary to have the whole stage lit, it obviously was, however the choice of color they chose to be on the background and sides were…

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  • Resident Alien Play Analysis

    appropriate setting to the audience. Not having an overbearing amount of scenery allowed for the audience to focus on the performers and what was happening. With such a small stage, there wasn’t much space to utilize, but the set designers did a great job of using what they had. Pictures were projected on the wall behind the stage to add to the physical scenery. Although not completely inappropriate, I didn’t think that this was necessary because it was usually clear where each scene was set.…

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  • Theatre Reflective Report

    Upon starting this course, theatre to me was just an act put on in a room for an audience. As I began this class, theatre became much more. I was able to understand that theatre is not just an act put on in a room for an audience, yet it is a well thought out production between directors and actors to ensure the audience is getting the best show possible from any angle in the theatre. Theatre also is a form of art and tells a story through acting, singing, and dancing in the background of ethics…

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  • Character Analysis: Wrong Baby Daddy

    Aaron is leading them in a prayer, suddenly, trumpets that are heard off stage interrupt their prayer and they immediately stand, as trumpets always introduce the royal company. Here the lights will dim and a green light shines on the gate to symbolize the importance and the new beginning of this newborn baby. After the nurse…

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