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  • Body Ritual In The Nacirema, By George Gmelch

    action or behavior performed to produce some sort of effect such as: improved fertility or increased luck. A taboo is an object or action that is avoided in fear of transgressing or producing some undesired outcome. A fetish is an object with a supernatural or magical meaning attached to it. A fetish is believed to have some power such as: granting good luck or making the bearer a better speaker. Gmelch shows that in the context of baseball, ritual, taboo, and fetish were common in pitching and hitting and rare in fielding. Gmelch theorizes that pitching and hitting requires more chance than fielding, so are more prone to magical practices. This explanation is based on Bronislaw Malinowski’s theory that magical practices are more common the less control the subjects have over events and the more important the events are. This can be backed up in our society by the prevalence of superstitions related to chance (lucky clover, horseshoes, breaking a mirror is 5 years bad luck, etc.) and significant elements of a person’s life (career success, relationship success, etc.). Body Ritual in the Nacirema, by Horace Miner, takes a look at ritual practices in another situation, looking at American hygiene and healthcare from a somewhat tongue-and-cheek etic perspective. The purpose of the article is to highlight how strange common practices are if seen without our usual justifications and explanations. As I have read this article before, I knew what to expect and was able to identify…

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  • Vietnamese New Year: Good Luck Or Bad Luck

    A new year means a new beginning. It is a mystery what this beginning has in store, so many people have rituals to secure a lucky new year. Vietnamese New Year(Tet) is practiced to ensure a lucky new year . Before any celebration is held, it is crucial that one’s house is tended properly to bring good fortune. The house must first be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. It is believed that by sweeping the floor, that one is sweeping away the bad luck from last year. Hence, it is common for…

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  • Good Luck Research Paper

    Have you ever been in a situation where you had stood there trying to explain to your parents why you had failed a test that you were well prepared for, I suppose you look around the room as if you could escape the question overall because you simply can’t find a justified response. It happens to everyone at times which is normal but for me I’ve always had bad luck, it followed me wherever I went, from one hometown to the other. It would make sense to say no change ever brought a change in luck.…

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  • Operation Honey Badger Research Paper

    believe it is because of our special operations forces; the Navy Seals, the Delta Forces, the Green Berets (special forces), Civil Affairs, and the only special operations aviation in the military; the 160th Special…

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  • The Malchance Brothers: A Short Story

    The Malchance Brothers “Get up. It 's time for school!” yelled Mrs.Malchance. One of the two 13-year-old short and frail brothers named Nathan prepared to get out of bed, until he realized that he was already out of bed on the floor face down. He had rolled over off their bed in his sleep. The other brother Lucas had slept weirdly and had a large amount of aching pain in his back due to it. “Hey Nathan how did you sleep,” Lucas asked. “Not very well, I fell off my bed during the night” Nathan…

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  • D. H. Lawrence's Rocking Horse Winner

    Winner Messages (A Discussion on the Three Messages from Rocking Horse Winner) Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence was published in 1926. Rocking Horse Winner is based on a young boy presented with a father that is “unlucky” and a mother that is greedy. Both parents collide and build something in their child that makes him want to make his mother happy with money, and become “lucky”. The young boy finds his way of being lucky, is in horse races and betting on the winner. He bets more and…

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  • Personal Narrative: All State Vacation

    That second chance that I was given in my audition should have never happened. In an All State audition, things like that do not just happen on a regular basis. The professional recorders do not make mistakes. However, when I realized that I had a chance to redeem myself, I had to take a deep breath and focus on the task at hand. I now knew that the possibility to fail was an option, and I was not going to let that happen, This audition meant too much to me. Singing with all my heart, I tried to…

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  • Lottofund Research Paper

    planning a trip around the world, launching a creative idea, or dealing with a health issue, the common denominator that could make any of these projects a reality is…FUNDING. Often it is difficult to raise the funds you need on your own. That’s where we come in. LottoFund offers a new way to raise money for that project that is crucially important to you. 1) LottoFund is about compassionate giving, and makes it possible to attract investment, both from people you know, as well as complete…

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  • Huck And Jim: A Narrative Analysis

    such a superstition, but he knows that they need to get going. So he lets Jim think that the caterpillar is bad luck. They keep walking back to Miss.Watson 's on the grass plains until the sun comes down, getting close to Miss Watson 's. “ Say Huck I think we should call it a day and make camp.” “ But we 're only twenty minutes away from her house, we can’t stop now.” Jim says, “ fine but don’t say that I didn’t warn you earlier about the bad luck from the caterpillar having five leg’s.” …

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  • Perseverance In Unbroken

    In the third section of Laura Hillenbrand’s book, “Unbroken”, was when Mac, Louie and Phil got stranded at sea. At first Louie made himself the leader, due to the pilot, Phil, being injured therefore making him the leader. He established that they would all eat two chocolate bars every day, and would drink a certain amount of water each day. However, Mac out of panic, ate all the chocolate bars. The only food source they got was from birds landing and use them to fish. Whenever, they would spot…

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