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  • Scholarly Sources

    opular sources vs. scholarly sources In preparation for this assignment, I was able to use Pinterest as a way of research and learned that depending on research topic, that Pinterest and popular sources may be an acceptable way to support an argument. These sources are what I used in my comparison to the popular sources that can be found on Pinterest. My Exploratory draft three explores how popular sources can be useful in supporting an argument:…

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  • The Battle Of The Somme Film Analysis

    The film teaches that the conditions in the trenches were not all bad and that the conditions were bearable however the source collection of poems says otherwise. Sources 35 and 36 explain how the conditions in the trenches were horrible and therefore are described a lot differently from how the film portrays them. Firstly, source 35; ‘knock- kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed our way through the sludge.’ Unlike the film, this indicates for the first time that actually,…

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  • Similarities Between 'Outliers And Fire On The Hills'

    description, and experet opinoin from reliable sources…

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  • Analysis Of Donald Trump's Essay On Bullshit

    just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.” Two days later, Trump posted a picture of one poll that supports his claim. Still, Trump’s claim is bullshit because he arbitrarily claims sources are “fake” so he can ignore their evidence, doesn’t care to examine the poll he cites, and is ultimately trying to influence how his followers view the media. Because every American can’t be surveyed, it’s impossible to determine the absolute…

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  • Online Writing Reflection

    regarding public and private school. Though, while one is trying to figured out what would best way to organize my ideas and stage my argument, it comes to my realization that I must learn to develop my arguments, understand my audience, evaluating source of material, approaching arguments rhetorically whereas avoiding logical fallacies. As a result, I visited online writing lab for more interactive learning on modes of persuasion, organizing one’s argument, argumentative purposes, using…

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  • Gun On Campus

    I’ve always believe having firearms on college campus will have more negative effects that outweigh the positives. By having firearms on campus we are at risk at having another University of Austin or Virginia Tech incident. Supporters of the open carry argue that in the case of an active shooter on campus the students and faculty armed with a permit to carry a handgun can protect the lives of many. Which is true to an extent, but many shooters are normally not only armed with assault weapons…

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  • Persecuted Brothers And Sisters Essay

    for me” (p. 11). Likewise, in showing the impact of supporting the persecuted, Open Doors USA shares a story about a new convert to Christianity, Sitora, who was disowned by her family. Open Doors USA (2016) writes, “But thanks to you and other friends, there is hope! Your support makes it possible to help put Christians like Sitora in safe houses when they have to flee their own homes.” Therefore, organizations like Open Doors USA welcomes us to join in serving persecuted Christians through…

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  • Reflective Essay 'The Side You Don T See'

    Reflective Letter on MWA #2 There are many strategies and elements that should be used in an argumentative paper, the most important three of these strategies are ethos, pathos, and logos. Although you do not necessarily need to use all three of those strategies to make an effective argument, a writer does need a strong foundation in all three if they wish to write a strong argumentative paper that can be given out to the public (such as a newspaper editorial). In my paper “The Side You Don’t…

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  • Bailyn, Bernard: The Peopling Of British North America

    Bailyn, Bernard. The Peopling of British North America: An Introduction. New York: Vintage Books, 1988. Thesis: In his preface, Bailyn describes his texts as a "preliminary effort to open up the questions and identify major themes of a very large area of history which we still only vaguely understand (xii). In chapter one he goes onto define the actual idea behind the title: " It brings together the major aspects of life in the American colonies- social structure and settlement patterns,…

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  • Bias In The Freedom Riders

    off as troublemakers compared to others who saw the acts of segregation an act of cruelty. The trick to get pass bias is to interpreting the document to discover what is fact and what is fiction. It would deem best for one to gather multiple primary source documents such as first hand accounts. The civil rights movement known as the Freedom Riders was portrayed in both poor and elaborate ways in the news making it a prime case to be interpreted and to find the truth. Bias are the opinion or…

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