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  • Wikipedia Comparison Essay

    With a smartphone – a person holds the knowledge of the world in one hand. The internet overflows with information and is valuable when exploring something new. However, regulating such a vast ocean of information is a near impossible task, and this blurs the line between fact and fiction. Wikipedia allows anyone to openly contribute to any subject, which in turn can lead to a lack of, or worse yet, false information. The validity and organization of an article is of supreme importance on…

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  • My 2-3 Milestone One: Personal Narrative

    advance my educational experience. I entered this English Composition one course with the thought so long as I let the word 's flow out using a source which has been called a “Stream of Conscious” I wouldn 't have any difficulty. Only to learn the hard way that these form 's of writing are unacceptable. To add strain to the already dire situation, the source of information I use “Wikipedia” is also invalid. Essentially my pen or what I thought was my pen wasn 't mine to begin with. I was told…

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  • Australian Involvement In The Vietnam War Analysis

    1970’s. This source can be considered reliable as it was a quote that Townsend actually said himself, therefore making it a reliable and an accurate primary source. This source can be corroborated with the living peace. Org where it states The period 1967-69 saw several draft resisters gaoled, including Simon Townsend were to be gaoled for refusal of call up notices. Showing that Simon Townsend did not agree with the Australian foreign policy during the 1960’s and 1970’s. These sources can also…

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  • Reflective Essay: English 101

    Researching for general topics for the literature review over a few days and discussing the sources discovered helped me narrow down my topic to a specific subject; negative effects encountered by Native American communities living in the proximity to radioactive storage, mining, and testing sites. Learning how to use search engines such as ProQuest…

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  • Essay On 9/11 Terrorist Attack In America

    the author did introduce sources clearly. Yes, the author give the title of the source and the full name of the author of the source when introducing it. Yes, the author follow up paraphrased from a source. However, in the background she points a lot of good examples supporting her calim yet she didn 't really explain why it is important to the argument. No, I wasn 't confused because her paper is very clear to read. No, the author did not used any information from a source without citing it.…

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  • Gender Disadvantages In Low Goals And Safe Targets

    stronger emotional appeal, and more reliable sources.…

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  • Cheating And Plagiarism Essay

    use quotation marks when using another’s words and give credit to that source. use his/her own words as much as possible when writing. The easiest way to not be tempted to plagiarize words is to take notes in phrases—no matter how eloquent the writer is. This policy is designed to enhance and enrich the academic and ethical…

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  • Curriculum Revolution: The Infusion And Diffusion Of New Media

    Research Question: How will technology implementation affect Arts curricula and the way the arts are created and approached? Technology has been a very up and coming source used in all cases of everyday life. More and more, we are finding ways that technology can take the place of a tool or way of doing something. A concerning topic is whether or not switching over to so much technology is a good thing. There is becoming more technology put into the education curricula than ever before. Now…

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  • Exploratory Studies

    explore the following questions and predictions: 1. What sources of information do Australians use to obtain health information? Given that the public rely on the mass media for health information (Pennay, 2007), and the increasing trend towards using online sources (Cline & Haynes, 2001) it is predicted that health information source selection will be dominated by online sources. Similarly, the literature also noted that internet sources are easy to access, but less trustworthy (Cline &…

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  • Why Literature Matters By Dana Gioia Summary

    presents a claim that shows the decline of interest in the arts, specifically literature, in the newer generation of Americans. Within the piece, Gioia provides accurate statistics, a quote from a notable professional, and reports from trustworthy sources. Gioia makes an attempt to shift America’s attention to the downfall of participation in the arts. He seems to direct his argument mainly at the modern group of individuals. Starting off with introductory paragraph, Gioia begins to list…

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