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  • Reflection Paper For A Mock Interview

    skills for the actual interview when we graduate from South Texas Vo-Tech. In all honesty, the final mock interview was fantastic. Mrs. Nancy Ramirez was very professional during this entire interview and also was dressed very professional like an office manager would be dressed. For a while I actually started to believe I was interviewing for a real Dental Assisting position. Prior to the interview I had to be there five minutes before and I also had to introduce myself to the lady in the…

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  • Pre Sales Representative Reflective Essay

    1. While at PepsiCo in the role of Pre-Sales Representative, I was assigned to a large sales territory which allowed me to work independently with little direction. On a daily basis, I was I was responsible for managing my schedule in regards to my sales route. I used my best personal judgement to schedule my route based on the customer needs, company goals, and sales goals. I excelled in this environment by winning multiple best customer service awards and maintaining above average sales…

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  • Symbolism In A Jury Of Her Peers

    “A Jury of Her Peers”, published in 1927, written Susan Glaspell, is a short story based on the 1900 murder of John Hossack. The short story was originally written as a one-act play in 1916. In 1950, the short story then became an episode of the television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Years to follow, in 1980 the short story became a short film that was nominated for an Academy Award. Growing up in a town that did not believe in women’s rights to employment and education, Glaspell still…

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  • Dignity In J. Gaines A Lesson Before Dying

    because he is a colored man. Even his own public defender tries to vindicate him by lowering him and calling him a “hog,” and asked “What justice would there be to take this life? Justice, gentlemen? Why, I would just as soon put a hog in the electric chair as this.” (Gains 8) The defense attorney is stating that there is not even a need to execute Jefferson since he is inferior to a human being. As a result of this unfair treatment, Jefferson loses his dignity and sense of himself as a “man,”…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Year In Elementary School

    I remember when I was in elementary school I was taught about figurative language such as similes and metaphors. A way my teacher made learning these figurative language devices was by giving us a chance to go up on the overhead projector. I was always as excited as a one year old baby who had just started walking to go up on the overhead. In fourth grade my teacher Ms. Davis always made sure that we all participated. Mostly everyone in the class enjoyed going up on the overhead projector. My…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Future Of Technology

    Today, I bought a new computer. My old computer runs on OSX whereas my new computer runs on Windows operating system. I am very excited about this because although it is possible to put OSX and Windows on the same hard drive it is difficult to do results with both operating systems having limited space. I did not want to be constantly concerned about permanent storage, which factored into my decision to purchase a new computer, which has 500 gigabytes of available storage on the hard drive.…

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  • Onenote's Reflection

    Mrs. Goff, a first grade teacher at Tuscarora Elementary School and a member of the Berkley County First Grade Leadership Team, presented a professional development on OneNote in the ballroom at Shepherd University. OneNote is an app that comes with Microsoft word or it can be accessed through getting online with a Microsoft account. OneNote serves multiple purposes, holding lesson plans, seating charts, substitute notes, and grades all without having to use a single piece of paper. When the…

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  • Analysis Of Rotary Hammer Drill

    This is a paragraph. Hover over me and click once to display the menu. Double-click to edit the text directly. You can also place it anywhere on the page using ""drag and drop"" The rotary hammer drill receives its name from the rotary mechanism that actions the hammer in a circular movement, and blended with the powerful forward hammering action, it can drill and bore holes into masonry, ceramic tiles, brick and thick concrete. Rotary hammers are utilized by many production specialists…

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  • Senators And Representatives Be Limited

    Should Terms of Senators and Representatives Be Limited? Thesis Will limiting the terms of senators and representatives change the political agenda. Source 1 Summary “Measuring ‘Term Limitedness’", by Marjorie Scarborough Thompson in U.S. Multi- State Research is about estimating the effect of the length of service permitted on the term limits. Scarborough followed turnover in the house seat in the 1980s to 1990s to observe the effect and her findings yielded some pros and cons of term limits…

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  • Functional Vs Dysfunctional Conflict Summary

    Summary of storyline Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) are agents (intermediaries) and are employed by Sammy (John Goodman) at his distribution representative company. Things subsequently take a turn for the worst when they lose their jobs as their employer goes out of business due to the competitive market. Trying to prove they are not obsolete, Billy secures an interview for an internship at Google and despite a lack of relevant skills and experience they are…

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