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  • DFWC Case Study

    One of the movements that the DFWC members campaigned in was for city playgrounds. Club members persisted, and succeeded, in their efforts for gaining support and funds for these playgrounds. To raise funds to build the park they personally went door to door requesting donations. Writing numerous letters along with many speeches, they managed to receive fourteen thousand signatures on a petition presented to the board of education. In doing this, they finally won over the school board who in…

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  • Coney Dog Research Paper

    everywhere around the state, you can never run from one. You can find one in the middle nowhere in Michigan. Also coney dogs are a great symbols for the middle class, they came from the core of the country’s middle class, they are cheap, and they are perfect for the blue collar workers that need a fast lunch. Coney dogs are so iconic to detroit because they have been around for almost a century in michigan, there's thousands of places that sell them, and they are delicious and…

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  • Detroit City Is The Place To Be Analysis

    There were a lot of information that jump of the pages of Mark Binelli’s novel “Detroit City is the Place to Be”. The author introduce the readers to his native land; the history and good and bad eras. In 1900’s Henry Ford had a bright idea to bring a majority manufacture of the automobile to the Detroit city area. Exploring through the eyes of the writer, Detroit city has been identified as the motor city for its automobile factories (Ford, Chrysler, and General Motor ); sport teams such…

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  • Social Work Puzzle Analysis

    At the age of five, I quietly assembled the most complex puzzles my mother could find. Without taking a break, I would sit for hours, with my eyes glued to the thoughtfully crafted pieces that filled the living room floor. Lost in the world of the puzzle, I caringly placed each piece into its home. With every move of my hand, the scrambled image would gradually become clearer to my mother’s eye. As each small wooden piece found its way into the larger plan, there were moments where I would be so…

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  • Charles Coughlin: Radio Operator During The 1930's

    Charles Coughlin was a controversial priest and a radio operator during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Coughlin influenced many people and had millions tuning into his weekly shows. He influenced many people and gave them hope. Coughlin was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on October 25, 1891 (Father Coughlin). His father, Thomas J. Coughlin, was an Indian born Great Lake seaman. His mother, Amelia Mahoney, was a seamstress. Charles Coughlin was an only child. Coughlin went to Catholic schools,…

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  • Michigan Glaciers

    planet. In Michigan especially, the effect that water has on the land can clearly be seen throughout the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. This change comes from rivers and lakes eroding, transporting, and depositing; glaciers carving the land and leaving behind water; and humans manipulating water for beneficial reasons. It’s no secret that Michigan is shaped by water simply due to the fact that it is surrounded by lakes on almost every border it has, but the rivers and lakes have more…

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  • Juvenile Offenders Is An Alternative Method Of Programs

    In a Detroit News editorial article, Governor Rick Snyder proposes the state of Michigan needs to step up to do more for juvenile offenders. One of Governor Snyder’s proposals is to establish programs that would determine the best way to treat each offender (“Detroit News,” 2015). Keeping teens at home or in local treatment programs leads to keeping them out of prison as an adult. The reform would encourage a justice system that works in the best interest of the juvenile offender (“Detroit…

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  • Essay On Health Care Field

    “Only a life lived in the service of others is a life worth living,” said by Albert Einstein. I am interested in becoming a health care professional because bettering the lives of others is such a rewarding way to live your life. I also have a love for anatomy and physiology which I discovered my senior year in high school in my Health Occupations class. In the class we learned about each system in the body and did multiple dissections, and I loved every second of it. That is how I…

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  • My Freshman Year

    My freshmen year of Highschool was one of the worst experiences of my life. I started freshman year of highschool with a low gpa of a 2.62. I was not at all happy with this GPA and I needed to change that. During my freshmen year, I was scared to ask questions to my teachers and to my classmates. I knew that was unacceptable of fear taking over my grades. I went to talk with my advisor and asked her for help and she helped me develop strategies that will help me become successful in my life. I…

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  • Social Work Interview

    Jennifer Kortge is a School Social Worker for a special education consortium of three different school districts in Lapeer County, in Michigan. The three school districts she services include Imlay City, Dryden, and Almont community schools. As a School Social Worker for a special education consortium Jennifer is required to provide special education social work services for students that are experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral issues. During the interview Jennifer mentioned that…

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