North Africa

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  • Gold Coast History

    indigenous economic activities before the arrival of the Europeans. Whiles the section colonialGold Coast also traces the reasons for European incursion in the Gold Coast and the economic reasons for the transportation of masses of people out of Africa to various parts of Europe and the New world. The abolishing of slave trade and its…

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  • Analysis: The Lost Boys Of Sudan

    wild animals and enemy soldiers. That's exactly what the Lost Boys of Sudan had to go through. According to the World Factbook, an online repository maintained by the CIA, Sudan in North Africa is the 10th largest country in the world torn and ravaged because of civil war between the north and the south. While North Sudan is predominantly Arab and Muslim, Southern Sudan is Christian and Black. The constant infighting between these two factions combined with the added threat of Muslim extremism…

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  • Changes, Continuities And Conflicts Between Western Europe, Africa, And The Americas

    Between 1492 and 1750 new trading routes were created and this resulted in new contacts between Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas. These countries formed a triangle of trade that created changes and continuities over time in society and the economy. From 1492 to 1750 societies and economies changed as a result of new Atlantic world contacts western Europe created a social gathering place, African women gained more jobs that were previously the job of men, African women entered into…

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  • Ghana Kingdom

    Africa was a very diverse continent that had many different kingdoms including The Kingdom of Ghana, The Kingdom of Mali, lastly The Kingdom of Songhai. One of the main kingdoms was the Kingdom of Mali. Ghana was the ruling kingdom for hundreds of years but due to losing in wars it collapsed during the 1100s. Once it collapsed The Kingdom of Mali rose to power. During the middle of the 1200s Mali was established by Sundiata Keita. Sandiata won or defeated Ghana and captured its capital in 1240.…

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  • Explain Alfred Wegener's Theory Of Continental Drift

    three sources to support his theory. First, was fossil evidence from reptiles and plants. “Cynognathus” was a reptile that had fossils found on South Africa, and Africa. This is only possible because of continental drift, the animal couldn't have swam across a whole ocean. The next reptile is the “Lystrosaurus”, it’s fossils were found on Africa, India, and Antarctica. These continents today are very far apart and even then how would they adapt at the same time. The next piece of evidence is a…

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  • David Livingstone

    David Livingstone explored Africa as a Scottish medical missionary for the London Missionary Society. His extreme fame stemmed from his working-class background, his dedicated missionary exploration, and his fierce support of ending slavery. His anti-slavery sentiments drove his desire to discover the source of the Nile River to earn enough fame and respect to call for the end of the slave trade. Youth and Education Dr. David Livingstone was born on March 19, 1813, and grew up in a single…

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  • West African Epic

    department of Theology at North West University. Dr. Anicet has dedicated years of her life to researching theology and has received rewards at the North West University for his success. This source provides background information to understanding the roots to West African mythology which will provide guidance to me when correlating the use of animals in a spiritual aspect for my research…

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  • Essay On African Slavery

    has been slavery this includes slavery within Africa. Being a slave inside of Africa was very different compared to being a slave outside of Africa. The methods through which the slaves were acquired through raiding, pawning, tribute, and prisoners of war. There were two primary forms of slavery routes within African slavery. There was the trade between West and North Africa; as well as slavery between East, Central, and Southern slavery. Western Africa was often a location for trade because of…

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  • African Culture

    Africa is the 3rd bigger continent in the World. This continent has an enormous variety of cultures blended inside of each nation. The African culture is defined as an Africans identity composed of habits, costumes, and traditions inherited from their ancestors. This inheritance is transmitted from generation to generation. The African culture is defined by several aspects including the Gastronomy, art, and language. Firstly, the African culture is characterized the African culture is the…

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  • Essay On How Did The Year 1492 Change The New World

    The existing slave trade in Africa was comprised of P.O.W. who were sold to Europeans and people convicted of crimes and punished to enslavement. Europeans were able to infiltrate the fragile country by influencing judicial proceedings, exploiting rivalries within African countries and participating in the existing slave trade. From the 16th century to today Africa still not recovered from the impact of the Slave Trade. When slaves were taken,…

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