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  • The Importance Of Playing Kirby And The Amazing Mirror

    probably thinking why is she writing a review about a kid’s video game? Isn’t she an adult? Trust me, you won’t regret playing this game, it’s okay to let loose and let your inner child show! Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is a video game created by Nintendo, you’re taken into different adventures that has puzzle solving and amazing graphics all bundled up! Kirby was first introduced into the world in April 1992, when Kirby’s Dream Land, the first game of the Kirby series, was released on Gameboy…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Xbox

    OVERVIEW OF Xbox: Along with the invention of visual media, giant players of the industry started to realize the potential of video gaming market. The first generation video games released in the 1960s and later several new generations of gaming consoles came back-to-back with advanced features. World-famous Washington based software-giant Microsoft created an all-new video gaming brand 'Xbox' in 2001 as its first step to conquering the gaming market. Since the release, it went through a tough…

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  • Video Game Industry: The New Nintendo Strategies

    Case study 1: Nintendo It is interesting to consider the video game industry as an example of strategies used by the different firms to compete and stay among the greatest sellers of video games and consoles since those strategies evolve as technology evolves. However, despite the fact that this industry seems a bit different from the more classic cases, it is safe to say that like any other type of firm, the goal of video game producers is to increase their sales and thus, gain a certain kind…

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  • Pokemon Go

    3 1.2. What Pokémon Go is? 3 1.2.1. How Pokémon Go is designed and implemented? 3 1.3. How did Nintendo brand get its fame? 4 2.1 Why did Pokémon Go get huge success? 6 3.1. Pokémon Go’s impact on Nintendo brand 7 4. Customer view on Pokémon Go: 9 5. Conclusion: 10 1.1 Introduction: 1.2. What Pokémon Go is? Pokémon GO is an amazing interactive and innovative idea in the world of game by Nintendo. It’s a gaming platform developed in July 6, 2016. This game uses phone set plus current…

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  • Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Slot Review

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot review If stunning 3D graphics is something that you appreciate, the you will thoroughly enjoy the 2014 slot from BetSoft called ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. Do not confuse it with the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ slot from Microgaming, which is a completely different game. The slot is based on the slightly scary story by Robert Louis Stevenson published in 1886. Get ready to run around the streets of Victorian London discovering the eerie transformation of posh Dr. Jekyll into…

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  • Razer Diamondback Analysis

    Razer Diamondback Review The Razer Diamondback is one of the flagship mice of the well-known manufacturer. With its 16,000 DPI, a 5g laser sensor, great design (suitable for left-handed players) and top ergonomics, it is considered one of the best gaming mice produced by Razer. Review Razer Diamondback The increasingly innovative development of video games and the huge increase of fans all over the world have led the entire gaming industry to offer different and interesting products, and this…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay: The Effects Of Videogames

    The effects of videogames Imagine a future where you can enter a world where you are the main character and where you are the controller. Imagine if you could play a game by being directly inside of it, where you are the one moving the body not just watching through a screen and moving your fingers. It would be like an alternate world where you can enter at will. This is the direction videogames might be heading and even though it’s in a far future it still might happen, but as awesome at that…

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  • Nintendo Case Analysis

    After our extensive research and analysis of Nintendo Wii’s history, and current product development dilemma we have developed some possible solutions in that we believe could improve the dimensions of the Wii product, and Nintendo as a brand. These options are as follows: Utilize identical or substitutable technologies similar to competitors, innovate and create new games and products within target market, revamp the launch strategy, create better work conditions for developers. Our first…

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  • Controversies Of Playing Video Games

    The controversies of video games has been a problem since the mid 1980’s. Parents think that playing video games plays a negative in people’s life. However, this is not true at all. In fact, there has been studies that show why and how video games of any kind can affect someone’s life in a positive way. The first view I had found believes major new enquiry into the effects of violent video games has found no long-term inter-group communication with real-biography -time vehemence. The…

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  • Portal 2 Essay

    Christmas. He would play Yars Revenge all the time. When my dad would babysit kids in his community, there was a family that had a Sega Genesis. He would play Sonic the Hedgehog while the kids were sleeping. Both of my parents had friends that had Nintendo Entertainment Systems, and would play Super…

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