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  • Lesbian Women's Self-Identity

    and lesbian representations were or could be positive influences on identity, their lives and the lives of others. My research was situated within feminist, queer, and anti-oppressive theories. The process of deconstruction of the assumed gender/sex roles and discursive representations of lesbian women is an aspect of feminist research through investigating women's first hand experiences. When looking at perceptions of lesbianism, the discussion of my own privileged position and the possible differences of experiences and feelings from women of different race and class, also accounts for this being feminist research. As Nowyn and Gjokaj discuss, politics of intersectionality must be considered alongside different privileged statuses they may produce. In this study I took intersectionality into account as it may affect how different women see and experience. Queer theory was invoked with the use of queering thresholds and passageways as Heirising discusses. Using this, I questioned where the border of “otherness” were constructed from, meaning how one or two stereotypical representations have come to be the norm and everyone else is forced into positions of ‘other’. Doing this will also aid in reflexivity as it allowed me to designate my own positionality and how it influenced research relations. I also used queer theory to help me avoid rein scribing homogenizing and universalizing notions of identity as I investigate others’ identity as well as my own in relation to…

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  • Dos Equis Advertisements

    bottle of Dos Equis beer in front of them, and a long glass of beer next to it. This ad is what scholarly writer Steve Craig calls a “men’s men” ad, “Men’s men have the unchallenged freedom of a fantasized masculinity- to travel, to be free from commitment, to seek adventure” (186). Beer is mostly known as a men drink, and this being a beer ad, knows its audience and it’s trying to grab their attention as much as it can, by showing the ultimate fantasy of being in a VIP section of a club while…

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  • Journal 2: Negative Actions Expressing Prejudice

    Journal 2: Negative Actions Expressing Prejudice My second journal for reflection is centered on my thoughts, emotions, and behaviors around three negative actions expressing prejudice; antilocution, avoidance, and discrimination. Subsequently, I must admit that I have not really thought much about prejudice in the past couple of years since I try to surround myself with like-minded people. Much to my chagrin, I am discovering that this self-induced segregation may not be ideal for my…

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  • Analysis Of The Play: A Man Of No Importance

    those who attend services regularly. To not attend is highly frowned upon in the community, forcing those in the area to attend just be accepted within the community. This religious control of the church will be a large fundamental point to Alfie’s transformation into his true self. Alfie starts from the very first scene as his true self in conviction about what he enjoys, the arts. This portrays him as a bit of an unusual person in his community. The arts that aren’t church related are…

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  • Five Faces Of Oppression

    for the amount of work they are putting in. An example of exploitation would be Sweatshops in China, India or any location where manufacturing is in high demand. Sweatshop is slang for any factory or workshop job that has manual workers that are paid very little, work long hours and work in bad conditions. In Sweatshops, workers work very long hours manufacturing items to be sold while they are being paid an extremely small amount for the work they are putting in. Marginalization is, “the act…

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  • Racial Stereotypes: After Ellen And Angry Asian Man

    A stereotype, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same. Racial stereotyping is something that has been occurring throughout history and has become a tremendous issue. With an increase in social media within the past decade, many new sources and blogs have created websites to discuss these problems. Two prominent websites that talk about social issues such as these are After Ellen and Angry Asian…

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  • Heidenreich's Essay: Relationship Between Race And Sexism

    The Heidenreich article looks at the relationship between race and sexism. Heidenreich argues that there is harsher discrimination against queers of colour, and particularly those who cross gender lines. This is due to a broader discourse about queers of culture, which normalizes violence, dehumanizes queers of colour, and threatens masculinity norms. In the case study, the murder of transgender Latina youth Gwen Amber Rose is compared to the murder of Matthew Shepard. Heidenreich observes…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Homosexual Adoption

    “Family Don’t End With Blood, But it Doesn 't Start There Either.” Adoption is a wonderful thing in this world, it allows children to have loving homes and caring parents that otherwise would be stuck in foster care. America, the land of the free and the home of the brave; all citizens here have rights. Time progresses and as a country America is taking steps to ensure that everyone has equal rights; this includes the rights of women and of the LGBT community. Equality among all citizens in…

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  • When You Are A Gay Boy In America By Danny Zaccagnino

    a video on how HIV had affected the gay community and stated that all gay men have HIV. While this is not the case, the boy in this article talked about his fears of contracting HIV and how he would spend days worrying so much about it, he would make himself sick. In class we talked about how people have the potential to feel guilty about their homosexual actions, which can relate directly back to my first topic social media. Many comments found on social media often have negative connotations…

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  • All The Dead Boys Look Like Me Analysis

    loved you and that he was going to die. This is something no parent should go through. Unfortunately this was reality to Mina Justice the mother to Eddie Justice, one of the forty-nine victims whose lives were tragically taken by a gunman who opened fire in a gay nightclub on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, FL. The massacre was the deadliest act of violence to the LGBTQ community. For most of us we turn to social media to connect with others and we tried to make sense of what happened. We connect to…

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