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  • Hobbesian And The Virtue Ethics Theory

    A similar ethical theory that shapes government sustainability is Hobbesian. Hobbesian is similar to ethical egoism in the fact that self-interest is part of human nature, but Hobbesian believes that without government intervention to keep the self-interest in check chaos would ensue (Jennings, 2015, p.12). Landfills are a great example of Hobbesian in the government’s impact on sustainability. Without government intervention society would disregard proper waste disposal and turn to whatever is…

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  • The Importance Of Solar Energy In China

    The universe as we know it only consists of one planet that can sustain life--our Earth. It’s the one planet that humans and animals alike call home, and it can be pretty astounding too. But, as time goes on and technology develops, people begin to take the Earth and its environment for granted. In today’s world especially, the environment suffers at the cost of economic success. In China, the improving, yet short-sighted economy has directly led to the destruction of the environment, but with…

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  • Inglehart's Argument Analysis

    about the natural environment (p. 365). Previous research from different parts of the World revealed that heavier TV viewers showed a lower degree of environmental concern and less interest in the natural environment than lighter TV viewers (p. 365) and that heavier TV viewers were more likely to be materialistic than lighter TV viewers (p. 366). Since previous research did not offer any explanation for the association between heavier TV viewing and less positive attitudes towards the natural…

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  • Consumerism In Annie Leonard's Story Of Stuff

    The extraction stage, is where the Earth’s resources are cut down to create the items consumers want. It is only natural for Earth’s resources to be used for creating products and produce, however corporations take it a step further into not putting in any thought for what may or may not be a bit “too much” extraction. Next is the production stage and this hurts both…

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  • Determinism In 'To Build A Fire'

    To Build A Fire is the story of man venturing out into the cold unknown Yukon territory. While separated from his group of friends the character deals with a slew of problems created by personal choice and the effects of nature itself. The character struggles with battling the elements, choices are made and consequences follow soon after. The George Becker definition of naturalism for this study / analysis of To Build a fire will be used. This definition states naturalism overturns the…

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  • Evolution As A Lesson

    I am a nineteen-year-old sophomore in college, and this is the first time in my educational career that I have been introduced to the fact that evolution isn’t suggesting that human’s come from monkeys. I have been taught about Charles Darwin and natural selection before, and I have taken science classes since probably first grade, but if someone asked me before this school year if I thought humans came from monkeys, I probably would’ve answered yes. Not to shame my previous educators, but with…

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  • Safety-Critical Inventions

    In the ancient times people used simple tools to operate and secure their lives, but as the world evolved they have invented improved tools to insure longer and better life. Some of these tools are electricity, water pipe systems and others concern critical issues, such as health and nuclear energy. Inventions such as the defibrillator, heart-lung machines and even robotics, as well as nuclear reactors are also known as safety-critical systems. They are increasingly computer-based systems, but…

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  • Photochemical Reduction Of Co2 Essay

    Formic acid is immensely dangerous at unnatural high concentrations, it is actually a highly resourceful and extremely useful food additive and manufacturing chemical. It's agricultural uses account for a very high percentage worldwide. Because of its natural antibacterial properties, formic acid has achieved very high use as an antibacterial preservative and pesticide. In addition to its use in agriculture, byproducts of formic acid have recently been created to help improve slippery road…

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  • Essay On Geographic Literacy

    1). Geographic literacy to me means being able to properly identify major countries around the world, and understand conflicts present across the Earth and the different viewpoints of different people. Along with what I previously mentioned, I think geographic literacy also includes understanding the Earth and the effects humans are having on it, and realizing that things are changing constantly. I believe the difference between geographic literacy and illiteracy is whether or not a person lives…

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  • Comparison Of Frog And Songbird Mating Calls

    Contrast and Comparison between Frog and Songbird Mating Calls By the law of the nature, most creatures seek to survive and reproduce. In other words, they reproduce to survive or to keep their species on living. In this research paper, I would compare and contrast the advertisement calls for mating between frogs and songbirds and talk about how the production of mating calls is related to Tinbergen’s four questions. Both anurans and passerines have calls. Also, males usually produce the mating…

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