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  • How Does Global Warming Affect Humanity

    achieves a level of sustainable energy as an alternative to unsustainable ones, such that carbon emissions are significantly reduced, then the inflated planetary temperature would begin to fall. Therefore, allowing for the reconstruction of destroyed natural habitats, and if the international community acts now there may still be hope for the reconstruction of dwindling species. The institution of sustainable energy may not be as out of reach as one may believe, the Business Council for…

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  • Soy Foam Project Essay

    Discussion of the significant obstacles and opportunities with respect to building on the success of the soy-foam project and growing it into a unique strategy of environmental stewardship. Project usually provide a mixture of opportunities which can provide better service and improve the efficiency. Also, bring threats such as disruption to provide service and production when the changes are being made (Martin, 2003). Opportunities defined as “situations in which new goods, services, raw…

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  • Nature And Nurture In Human Development

    Nature and nurture are the two most commonly known factors in human development.Nature is a cold scientific way to view development while, nurture seems a bit warmer like a favorite blanket or parent. Nature is the genetics that make up a person and their most primal persona. It’s like building blocks that make up a physical appearance and the wiring of a building, the building can still be decorated. Nurture, is the way a person is decorated by the world around them. It happens when a child is…

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  • Summary Of Reaction Journal Five: Functionalism

    Reaction Journal Five: Functionalism This week’s reading was over the beginnings of the radical functionalist movement that was lead by Charles Darwin. Darwin was more concerned with how an organism functioned and adapted to change than the perception, sensations, and the structure of consciousness as his fellow psychologists Wundt and Titchener were. Darwin lived a life of privilege and traveled extensively during his lifetime. During his travels, he observed many animal species and made…

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  • Environmental Case Study: Script Pad

    There are generally four types of environmental trends i.e. economic, technical, social and political and to study these trends environmental trends there is need of environmental scanning. These trends have impact business or overall market. This case is about Script Pad which is a software platform that transforms an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a digital prescription pad, which stores a patient's medication history and enables a doctor to write a prescription faster and safer than…

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  • Why Did The British Colonize Australia

    On the 19th of April 1770, Captain James Cook reached the South-East coast of Australia. They named it Botany Bay for the many unique plant specimens collected by his companions Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander. Cook followed the coastline northwards and on the 22nd of August landed at Possession Island (which is off the coast of Northern Queensland), where he believed the land was “Terra Nullius” and claimed the entire coastline from Botany Bay to Possession Island, British Territory. During…

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  • Savages In Lord Of The Flies

    The Sprouting Seed “What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?” (Golding 91). This quote is used in Lord of the Flies, at a meeting about the beast. The quote brings to light the real intention of the book, which is showing how easy it is under pressure to fall into savage like behavior. Golding shows this very well in the Lord of the Flies. Fear converts the boys into cold-hearted savages. In the middle of a war, a plane full of young boys crashes on an unknown island leaving them alone with…

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  • Analysis Of The Article: The Dynamics Of Firefighting

    Mr. Daniel Madrzykowski recently wrote an article on the dynamics of fire science dealing within the fire service. Firefighting dynamics focus on many points dealing with the chemistry of firefighting and the many changes that are involved with fire behavior and the products of combustion associated with each object(Madrzykowski, 2016). Controlling the growth of the fire and knowing what the fire is doing in a structure is a great tool for company officers to use during firefighting tactics…

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  • The Darkening Sea By Rachel Carson Analysis

    In the Short Essay “ The Obligation to Endure” Rachel Carson informs people in general to the threats of current mechanical contamination. She expounds on the destructive results of deadly materials being discharged into nature. There is a wide range of ways that contamination can hurt nature, from the atomic blasts releasing dangerous chemicals into the air to the venomous pesticides showered on plants that executes vegetation and sickens dairy cattle. The changes in accordance with these…

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  • Sustainable Design Project

    receives natural ventilation. Fresh air is drawn west from the Hudson river into the building or surrounding area creating a cooling effect improving the occupants comfort level. The two dorms placed on the west side of the Roy and Diana building directs wind inward towards the building channeling high wind pressure. The channeled wind flows to the outdoor stairs on the west façade. The architect designed a porch on the west façade that creates a microclimate confinable shaded area with natural…

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