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  • Cold War Outline

    ideological conflict between the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, with each side vying for dominance and exploiting any opportunity for expansion. In reality it involved the Western Bloc, which included the United States and its NATO allies, pitted against the Eastern Bloc, the Soviet Union and its allies in the Warsaw Pact. It should be noted that the use of the term “allies” for the members of the Warsaw Pact is slightly incorrect, as these countries were satellite…

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  • Canadian Participation In UN Peacekeeping

    boys, and girls experience conflict differently and, as a result, they have distinct needs in the post-conflict phase. Contrary to common belief, women are both victims of, and participants in armed conflict. Increasingly, gender considerations are recognized as a vital component of plans and programmes to avoid, mitigate and resolve conflict situations, and to build sustainable peace. Gender perspectives must be integrated in all aspects of UN peace operations to ensure that interventions are…

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  • The Truman Doctrine And Its Impact On The United States Foreign Policy

    The Truman doctrine went on to form “NATO”. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a regional defense alliance created by the North Atlantic Treaty. NATO's purpose is to improve the strength, well being, and freedom of its members through a system of collective security. Members of the alliance agree to defend one another from attack by other nations or by terrorist groups. NATO has its head office in Brussels, Belgium."The North Atlantic Treaty was signed…

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  • Republican Party Research Paper

    Since I believe that that defense spending should be increased, that foreign countries should play a bigger role in NATO, and that the income tax should not be changed, I side with the Republicans. However, I do not agree with the party’s ideology on abortion and social welfare because, it generalizes a complicated issues. Therefore, I am more towards the middle of the…

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  • Effects Of Pearl Harbor On Japanese Internment

    would go to many lengths to keep the Europeans powers out of America even paying the debt of other Countries. This isolationism was broken by the the United States getting involved in the war and their cooperation and bonds lead to the formation of NATO. NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The main goal…

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  • What Caused The Cold War Essay

    The Cold War occurred after the traumatic events of World War 2, that lasted almost 50 years, beginning in 1945 and lasting through 1991. Even though, the United States and the Soviet Union were allies during World War 2, political tensions arose between the two nations that resulted in the production of nuclear weaponry, space race, and wars against communism that led to positive results such as improved space technology, defensive weapons, and end of communism to several countries. When World…

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  • The Warsaw Pact Analysis

    The integration of West Germany into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) petrified the Soviet Union and caused them to create their own military and economic alliance known as the Warsaw Pact. Even though it was initially referred to as a Treaty on Friendship, the Soviets became increasingly authoritative in regard to the actions of their so called allies and provided these nations with the impetus to withdraw from the Pact. Two countries that felt the sting of Russian authoritarianism…

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  • Political Realism

    Philippines and Japan have security pacts with the US with the latter promising to protect the former two when the need arises. However, I’ve never really seen a situation where collective security was imposed. NATO is the most famous example of a collective security treaty, but then again, NATO has rarely enacted its power to protect other members. It’s mostly to enforce the will of the United States. It is also said that the right to political independence is part of liberalism in…

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  • Soviet Union And Communism

    Albanians had been driven out Serbians , the truth was they had been leaving owing to their better education and Kosovo being economically poor (Kuljik, 2016). Eventually Nato became involved in an attempt to bring an end to the war through military action with the justification that it was necessary pacifier, some critics suggested that Nato was also not just in its levels of violence and hid behind humanitarian discourses (Buden, 2016). Again taking an Arendt perspective state violence…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Military Spending

    As claimed by The Global Issue Blog, The U.S. military spending budget is used to pay training, healthcare, salaries of civilian and uniformed personnel, also, to maintain arms, equipment and facilities to fund operations and make new developments.(13 key pros and cons of military spending, pg 1). What they are insisting is that the money is not going to waste and it is being used for important and civilized matters. Although some may argue that the large amount of money in the budget is not…

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