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  • Why Was The Soviet Union To Blame For The Cold War

    The Cold War was a period of time when tension between the Soviet Union and the United States uprised due to economic and ideological differences. The Cold War began in 1945 and ended in 1991. Even though the term “war” was used, there was never any physical fighting involved. Both, the Soviet Union and the United States ideological differences influenced the way both countries would react to the Cold War. At the time, the Soviet Union was communist and the United States was democratic and…

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  • The Cold War Between The Soviet Union And The United States

    its worldwide influences. Between the years 1945 and 1950, the two competitors broke out into war. Both sides were fighting for what they believed in thus resulting into this major conflict. Not only were these two nations apart of it, the members of NATO and Warsaw Pact joined in to help their allies. Due to the Soviet Union and its allies’ belief, provocation, and the Cuban missile crisis, they were most likely to be responsible for starting the Cold…

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  • Tremblay Cultural Values

    Case study The case study focuses and discusses the cultural values and protective nature people feel towards their culture. For example both the Tremblay as well as the Lopez family keep their native languages of Spanish and French for the inherent cultural values it helps preserve and keeps. This is supported in the quote “The Tremblay and Lopez families… continue to speak their languages… they believe… it is important… in retaining and enhancing their cultural heritage” This quote supports…

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  • Effects Of The Truman Doctrine

    The cold war was a clear representation of the growing tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States. The starting of the cold war can be marked as the time period after WWII. After the war the world’s two biggest superpowers- The United States and The Soviet Union, had two opposing ideals. The Soviet Union followed a communist government and the United States followed a democratic capitalist government. Due to this ongoing rivalry, the US adopted a policy of containment. The main…

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  • American Diplomat By James Rubin: Article Analysis

    Rubin wrote that for the sake of our national interest, whichever candidate took the helm of the presidency would have to work diligently and quickly to reconnect with our European allies. Rubin begins the article by explaining that at the NATO conference earlier that year, the US was largely overlooked by the members and everyone’s attention was more focused on the Germans actions rather that the Americans. This was unusual for the Americans because the name, USA, alone…

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  • Humanitarian Intervention In International Countries

    these violations are being committed if there is a legal humanitarian intervention. This assumption is largely based on the concept that if an intervention is legal, it will be controlled, carefully planned, and done to an international legal standard. NATO has intervened in both Kosovo and Libya over the past 16 years, however only one of these interventions was deemed to be “legal” by the UN Security Council (UNSC). The UNSC found…

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  • Cultural Awareness Of Spain Essay

    Prior to joining NATO and the U.N., Spain has conducted or participated in decades and even centuries of wars and conflicts. Two wars that are noteworthy in a discussion are the Spanish American war and the Spanish civil war. The Spanish American war was the outcome of…

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  • When One Door Close Analysis

    When One Door Closes, Another Opens Immediately after World War II, the United States went to war with another country. This war was not fought like traditional wars, where countries would settle their differences on a battlefield. This war was fought through politics, fear, and through “proxy wars”. The Cold War went on from 1947 to 1991 between the United States and the Soviet Union. What Led to the Cold War? The United States and Soviet Union were not allies in World War II and then suddenly…

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  • How Did Ww2 Affect Canada

    An attack on one NATO member was to be treated as an attack on all members. Although the United States was by far the most powerful nation in NATO, Canada still had a major role in the alliance which, consequently, further asserted its rank as a middle power. Another defense organization Canada joined after World War Two was the North…

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  • Italian Quota In The 1920s

    World in general and it helped tremendously. In 1948, the NATO was formed. This organization is similar to the United Nations. The NATO is a collective security force to resist the further spread of communism in Europe. NATO was founded under the concept of collective security or "collective self-defense" as it is termed in the NATO charter. This concept calls for any attack on a NATO member nation to be perceived as an attack upon all NATO member nations (Stoddard, 140). This idea of collective…

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