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  • Why Have Military Alliances

    Treaty Organization (NATO), which consists of twenty-eight countries from Europe and North America. These countries “view this military alliance as central to their security” (Chernotsky, 93). NATO has many core principles and goals, which include “collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security -- and thereby to play an essential role promoting security in the world” (Chernotsky, 94). The countries that are part of this alliance have seen the actions that NATO will take if the…

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  • The Secession In Ukraine

    these states and the European Union” (Naumescu). Russia is getting weaker as oil prices drop, and as they lose their interests to the west, but as they use violence and no diplomacy to act on their own selfish needs, the international community or NATO will get involved. The hostile annexing of Crimea is still not recognized internationally. Both nations would be deeply hurt, for example Ukraine would not have its main sea port, and some major cities, the economy would die along with its people.…

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  • Transformation Of Germany

    and represents the German people in the process of electing the new Chancellor. In 1955 Germany became a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which currently has 28 countries as members. Since Germany is in the center of the allied countries which make up NATO, many of the national meetings convene in Germany even though the NATO Headquarters is essentially in Belgium. Considering some of the most powerful politicians frequently visited Germany, some of the world’s top movies…

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  • Trump's Foreign Policy Proposal

    President-elect Trump has created a fair amount of controversy regarding his foreign policy proposals (or lack thereof, depending on who you ask). Some people have argued that Trump does not have any specific stance, and some people have argued that Trump would start a chain of events leading to the demise of humanity. However, many of his foreign policy statements might contain some merit, or some of the statements may at least contain connections to some theories and hypotheses. This paper…

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  • Disadvantages Of Joining Military Alliances

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was signed on, April 04, 1949. They joined military forces. An attack towards one of the countries would be an attack to all of them, therefore, they formed a defense alliance and would go to war for one another. Therefore, if the Soviet Union decided to attack a member, such as Italy, their consequence would be all of the other members would go to war with Italy. I would be seen as the Soviet Union attacking the entire NATO. Another one of NATO’s…

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  • Airpower Essay

    When it comes to the employment of the military instrument of national power, the ability of airpower to influence the strategic environment has been repeatedly demonstrated throughout history. Since 1991, the US has turned to airpower to achieve strategic objectives in a variety of ways. While there are numerous examples, we will examine how airpower has been utilized in two general categories: containment and humanitarian rights. The first category will discuss how the US has utilized…

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  • Special Relationship Essay

    populations. The United States and the United Kingdom are also both majority English speaking countries, though the United States has no official national language. In addition they both are a part of many of the same international organizations, such as NATO, the UN, and the WTO, just to name a few ("United Kingdom vs. United States." - Country Comparison). On top of demographic similarities, is the amount of global media shared between the United States and the UK. America’s obsession with the…

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  • The Challenges Of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, formally known as NATO, defends the freedom and protects its members by pursuing independent values and resolving disputes within the organization. ¬¬¬Throughout the past, NATO dealt with various international issues and currently facing matters today. Advocators and others debate whether this organization should remain active or obsolete. New challenges such as international terrorism and energy securities are implicated by this treaty. This essay argues…

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  • Global Security

    IR 739 MIDTERM A-) What elements assure or contribute to America’s global security? As the leading power of today’s international system, The US have two important factors that assure her global security in today’s world. In my view, the more important of the two factors is the US naval power. Theorists like Alfred Mahan state that, if a nation wants to secure its borders and emerge as a respected power, then it should have a strong navy to control the seas. However, having a strong navy only…

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  • Cold War Persuasive Essay

    ruled without attention to the best interests of the people. However, it was not the United States or the E.U. or NATO that destroyed the Soviet Union. The elected leader of the RSFSR, Boris Yieltsin, colluded with the leaders of Ukraine and Belarus to break up the USSR. Therefore,…

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