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  • Three Possible Careers

    There are many things you should take into consideration when job searching. In this paper I will take three possible careers and evaluate them on different scale levels. My major for now is Psychology. I choose this field because I enjoying helping people. I do believe I will go far in this career field but I know I should have more options. The other field I will research is the Information Technology field of study. My three possible career choices are Industrial-Organizational Psychologist,…

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  • Cyberspace: A Policy Analysis

    has The National Security Strategy 2015, The National Military Strategy of the United States of America 2015, The DoD Cyber Strategy 2015, and the Department of Defense Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace July 2011. All of these strategies discuss the concern on impact to socioeconomic…

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  • Arm Slack Research Paper

    Why Baseball Players Need Arm Sleeves? If you are a baseball fan, you may have seen a lot of your favorite players wearing arm sleeves. Don’t you think it looks cool and do you often want to wear it too? However, arm sleeves are so much more than just something which makes you look cool. Have you ever really given thoughts to why so many players opt to wear baseball arm sleeves? There has to be some reason, isn’t it? Let us take a deeper look into the matter. What are baseball arm sleeves?…

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  • Nabp History

    offer national media and fan bases that generate multi-billion dollar revenues. The average cost of attending a MLB game, for a family of four, is over $200. MLB fans have many choices in concession food and drinks. Detroit Tigers owner Mike Illitch of Little Caesers Pizza owns his own concessions company so don 't expect a variety of pizza offerings at Comerica Park. These revenues enable team owners to hire the best players in the country. Currently the American League and National League…

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  • Roberto Clemente: An Amazing Baseball Player

    McKenna Williams City University Life April Friges September 11, 2014 Roberto Clemente was an amazing baseball player and an inspiring human being. Best known as being one of the Pittsburgh’s most talented players, Clemente lead the Pirates as a powerful batter and as a defensive right fielder. However, there is more to Clemente’s fame than just baseball; he was also a strong world leader. He was passionate about racial issues and human rights. He used his fame and talent to help his country…

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  • Personal Narrative: Holy Shit, I Won The Lottery

    Chapter 1: Prologue Act 1: Holy Shit, I Won the lottery! "Hey dude, it looks like you've won the lottery." "Really? How much the prize?" "Hmm...About 10 Billion bucks." "Holy shit. I need to collect this shit." I immediately grabbed the lottery ticket from the store clerk and ran to the nearby bank. My brain is already filled with things I should buy. Ferrari's. Yachts. Diamonds. Diamond Yachts. Shit, that'll be awesome. I shout "I won the fucking lottery!" inside the bank hysterically.…

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  • Robot Safety Essay

    1. General 1.1 Participation All the participants are required to build and operate robots at their own risk. Combat Robotics can amount to risk and hence it is dangerous. There can be no specific rules and regulations that can encompass all the dangers involved. Hence, utmost precaution is to be taken while building, testing or competing in Roboevents. 1.2 Loopholes If you have invented a robot or a weapon that does not fit within the given parameters or the framework such as size or category,…

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  • Rick Ankiel's Autobiography, The Phenomenon

    “I loved baseball for a while, then wasn’t so sure, then loved it again” (Ankiel 1). In just one sentence of the Autobiography, The Phenomenon, Rick Ankiel described the many difficulties that came along his route to success. He was budding into one of the best young pitchers to step on the face of the earth, but then came the pressure, the yips, and the pitch that changed his life. Ankiel’s book is an incredible story of how a big leaguer overcame the mental roadblocks in his mind to become a…

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  • Information Security Threats

    Creating and maintaining an effective information security apparatus has always been a challenging task for security experts. This is particularly true within organizations that process sensitive customer data such as financial and health related information. With IT (Information Technology) security strategy in mind, organizations have to devise strategies that would enable them to operate in a safe environment and protect customer data. Bill Stackpole & Eric Oksendahl in their book "Security…

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  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Missionary Family

    Growing up in a missionary family, we did not have the luxury of name brand clothes and most of the time we did not get new clothes; only hand-me-downs, which we received from missionary closets at churches we visited across the country. Missionary closets are stocked with items similar to that of garage sale, like stationary, school supplies, bath towels, toiletry items, kitchen items, clothes, shoes and much more. However, unlike a garage sale, there is no payment upon leaving. Because this…

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