My Summer Vacation In Europe Essay

  • The Importance Of Taking Photos

    personally love to take photos when on vacation somewhere special. Sontag says that taking pictures when you’re touring will ruin the moment. She believes you should just experience it. While I agree that incessantly trying to get the perfect picture will detract from the moment at hand, over all Taking photos on a trip is a way to preserve a memory allowing you to relive it and feel a warm sense of nostalgia every time you look at them. My first trip out of the United States was when I was ten years old when I took a trip to Anguilla during Winter Break with my family and my best friend’s family. Not only was this my first time out of the United States but it was also my first time with my own camera. Granted it was just a little disposable camera my mom bought me before we left at CVS, but it was all mine and I was so grateful. I remembering being so excited to have something of my own to take pictures of. I felt so grown up. I took pictures of everything. From a rock lying on the side of the road to the beautiful scenery of the beach. And beautiful it was. I had never been to a place like this before with water so blue and sand as white as all the snow I get at home in Boston. To be able to be taking pictures of my own for the first time at such a beautiful place was something really special. When I got home from the trip I went to CVS and got the pictures developed right away. I still have the little purple photo album I put them into sitting under my bed to this day.…

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  • Sociological Imagination In Childhood

    Imagination enhances life’s quality I developed sociological imagination in my childhood from my experience of growing up in a multiracial family and in different European countries, often travelling to different Nations for vacation time or, in adulthood, for job reasons. It helped me to cope with racism, and gender discrimination. It provided me with conceptual tools to understand that, although different, we are all inter-connected and social structures influence our lives (Manza, 21013.)…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Vacation Essay

    topic because the hardest part about going on vacation is choosing where I want to go. There are so many vacation spots in the United States, so it can be hard to pick the right one. I hope that after I do this paper, I will know exactly where to visit on my next vacation. I could save my family time and money by doing research. In the future, it could become my go-to spot. I can also share my results with my family and friends. What I Already Know I know that traveling is expensive. There are…

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  • My Experience: Growing Up New York City

    The summer before 7th grade was when I finally ventured outside of Kansas. Growing up New York City always seemed like a fantasy, something you only see on romance or action movies. By going further away than what I might’ve been necessarily comfortable with, meeting and associating myself with people from different cultures, and experiencing things I never thought I would before were all reason why this trip would change my life forever. I was born in Wichita, Kansas and then when I was about…

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  • Cultural Geography Of Denmark

    Denmark is a 43,094 sq km (16,384 sq miles) country on the Jutland peninsula in northern Europe. Denmark shares a board with only one country; Germany. It lies south of Norway and southwest of Sweden. There are several islands that comprise Denmark, but the major islands are; Sjaelland, Fyn and Bornholm. Being on a peninsula and consisting of many islands create a coastline of 7,314 km (4.3 miles) long. The overall terrain is low and flat, to gently rolling plains. The lowest point,…

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  • The Dangers Of Traveling Out Of The Distance

    Traveling is seemingly limitless, but vacations can be expensive. In 2013, the average cost for one person to travel was $1,145 (Backs). On average a romantic getaway for a week has an average cost of $2,353; people are willing to spend more on romantic trips than family trips. The majority of the cost is dependent upon accommodations. The top lodging options for romantic journeys are hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, and cruises (O’Grady). Another financial factor of planning a trip is the…

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  • Supply Chain Management Personal Statement

    e-commerce, supply chain management as a profession was practical and most importantly, it is where my interest lied. As a result, my short-term goal is to apply for the entrance of the broad business college supply chain management. Since this profession requires a high GPA, I am supposed to gain a high GPA . To achieve this goal, I commit myself to many extracurricular activities. For the first year, I concentrated on my study with a rigorous attitude. In class, I asked questions actively and…

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  • How 9/11 Changed My Life

    When my mother and brother moved to America. I visited them every summer. I never thought of the United States more than a vacation destination. I fell in love with the state. the food is great and the people were greater. The morning of 9/11 my family and I watched the towers crumble on live TV that morning was the morning that changed everything. After 9/11 things became very hard on the Muslim community especially in America. The events of 9/11 in the United States have drastically changed my…

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  • Measure Of Darkness Essay

    passion of mine ever since I was a child. The best memories of growing up are the many times my parents took my sisters and I on road trips to see the many wonders of the world. This is what got me interested in nature and how the world works. Of the many trips that our family took across the world, the most memorable was only a few short summers ago. In the summer of 2014, our family took a much needed trip across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. I had never been before and neither had my…

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  • My Personal Trip Abroad

    devote more time to my family and friends. Also, I have always been looking forward to joining the volunteer organizations in which I can contribute to make a difference to one’s life. With my little donation, I hope to bring happiness and love to different people, so that they can forward it to others. I have been receiving love and support from people around me; consequently, ‘giving, sharing, and spreading love’ will be my purpose of living for the next five years. Lastly, a personal trip…

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