My Educational Journey Essay

  • My Education Journey: The Journey Of My Educational Journey

    Desiree Ramirez Professor Buchanan English 73X 7 February 2016 My Educational Journey Throughout my life I have seen myself as having a growth mindset, facing all the good and bad challenges school has had to offer throughout the years. Sometimes as a student, I wondered if school really mattered. How does paper work, working out, and eating have anything to do what we want to be in life were all learning the same thing? Almost every kid in America is going to school. What makes me so different? The questions always appeared in my mind, why am I not out there, why am I so stuck in my world. School had brought life out of me. My questionable journey started to look up once I entered high school. I became more optimistic, I had more hope for…

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  • Examples Of My Educational Journey

    My Educational Journey Have you ever noticed a hesitant, shy, unjustified and confused student in your class? I was just one of them in my middle and elementary school. Just like Mike Rose, I was under estimated by my parents and teachers. I was an average student, who always makes different tactics to encounter the questions of the teacher. I always use a different method to not to get in an eye of the teacher, when I was in elementary school. Every day for me at school was like solving a…

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  • My Educational Journey Of Education

    Educational Journey There have been two major turning points in my mindset toward education. Being moved around from school to school, county to county has taken a huge toll on my experiences. Whether it being a unit that just wouldn’t stick in my head or a teacher who wasn’t suited best for me, these all affect how I have looked at learning. I have gone through many shifts and expansions. It has been quite a journey to get to the places I want to go and see the people I want to see. School…

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  • My Educational Journey Essay

    My Educational Journey My educational journey has had good and challenging experiences. For the most part, my educational journey was positive. I only have a few memories that have been challenging at times. One of the most memorable experience that I had was having perfect attendance. Who would have thought at my age that I could look back and appreciate all my experience? As I look back at one of my good experience in my life, I would go back to my 6th grade year where I had the privilege…

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  • Importance Of My Educational Journey

    My educational journey consisted of more bad and ugly than good. Especially in elementary school. I was timid none the less but if I could some up the 5 years in one word, the word would be isolation. It started in the first grade when something awful happened. While putting away my backpack, three girls pushed me into the cubby closet we put our bags in. They held their body weight against the door so I could not get out. I was in there for a good minute screaming and hitting the door. My…

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  • Example Of My Educational Journey

    My educational journey begins The beginning of my education starts through elementary, middle school, and high school. In the beginning of kindergarten I was a very shy and scared little girl, I did talk to anyone in my class the first day. I didn’t know what was going on most of the time in class but this kept me from learning because I didn’t ask many questions or ask the teacher for help. This carried out for many years practically through 6th grade. I was I afraid of asking questions in…

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  • Importance Of My Educational And Career Journey

    the disinterest and adverse belief my K-12 peers had toward education had always been of interest to me. In particular, why doesn’t he like school? Why doesn’t she like our teacher? Why does she think school is boring, hard or a waste of time? My questions then turned into wanting to understand the reasons why some students are separated out of particular classes while I saw the same peers in my high achieving courses. Therefore, my goal became to develop a better understanding and aid…

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  • My Education Journey: My Educational Journey In High School

    My education journey has been through some setbacks, but I have continued to push forward and conquer. I felt that I had a fixed mind set because of challenges I have faced in school. When I was younger I would feel discouraged easily when I would fail. I would think to myself that I cannot succeed in school because I did not believe that I could learn certain material. I had a fixed mindset. My biggest accomplishment in school is when I graduated high school early. I decided that public high…

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  • My Educational Journey Of Education In The Dominican Republic

    As I reflect back at the educational journey that I have so far met, I can certainly define it as a learning rollercoaster. I had the opportunity to not only grow up in two different countries, but also educate myself these two different settings. Reaching up to the 4th grade in the Dominican Republic, and then establishing what happens to be the rest of my education in the United States, has made me explore all aspects of what now becomes my educational autobiography. To begin…

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  • Definition Of My Family Essay

    different people. I define my family as a nuclear family but I do not limit it to that. We are Muslim Palestinian Americans and are also bilingual. We speak both English and Arabic but the English language is more dominant. My family is those that I can trust, love and sacrifice for when required. I define my family as a group of people who share common values, morals, resources, and faith. Within my larger family, my husband and children are my nuclear family. Values About Education My family…

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