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  • My Career And Career Goals

    are your career goals? How and why did you select these? Do you feel they will change in the future? Why? I am uncertain about my career goals. I am still thinking about what to do in my life and what career I am choosing for once I graduate. I had many career goals when I was in High School, but they all changed when I realized that those careers I were leaning towards were not ideally of what I expected to be. I will need to research and speak with people about careers before I graduate from college. Currently, I am leaning towards working for the public sector in which I can be able to help people in need. I am not certain in what specific job that would be but I am trying to research in what could it be. It’s not easy to choose, but time is running out before I know it. 2. What are your other goals in life? How and why did you select these? Do you feel they will change in the future? Why Once I am 22 and obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration, I will move on my life journey. My goals in life is to be independent so that I can provide myself financially and live in healthy lifestyle. I would like to have a nice house to own in a comfortable neighborhood. The reason why is because I like to own property for the first time. I am uncertain in where to live, but I know that I want to not move far away from my family. This could depend if the career that I choose could be required for me to locate somewhere. I will be providing financial help towards my…

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  • Goals And My Career Goals

    My Career Goals The first forty-six years of my life has been the need to help and support my family. The next forty-six years I plan to create a better life for myself and my family, by achieving my one regret of obtaining my college degree. I have spent many long nights with my family trying to decide if that is even possible. After all the conversations with family members, co-workers and close friends I made a decision that will cement my future by returning to college. Now, the question is…

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  • My Career Goals: My Goals And Educational Goals

    to end up doing with my life. I was lost, and afraid that I would never amount to anything. But as of today, I have found my purpose in life. Using my exceptional math skills, I plan on starting my own accounting business. Math is something I enjoy; I can’t remember a time when I struggled with a problem. It would bring me great joy to get paid for doing what I love. Until I get to where I want to be in life, there are some goals I must achieve. My educational goal, I want to become a more…

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  • My Career Goals And Career Strengths And Goals

    In my paper I am going to talk about my career goals, I will be mentioning my personal goals, for example, I will discuss my major which is Education, and explain why I choose teaching, and I am going to explain why I always want to teach and the real reason behind it, I will also discuss my strengths and weakness and how I plan to improving my skills. This is personal to me as long as I can remember I always want to teach. And now I will be sharing a lot in this paper. I am going to start by…

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  • Essay On My Career Goals

    Introduction My career goals are to become an accountant or an international businessman. Both of these careers are in the field of finance/commerce. To achieve these goals, I must work hard at school and try and ace all my subjects to give myself the best opportunity. To achieve this I must overcome my weaknesses, one of them is English. At the same time I can develop my strengths to ensure I will be successful in any career path I pursue. I determined these careers goals because my father…

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  • My Career Goals For Nursing

    Nursing has always been my passion and my life has been devoted to achieving just that. I was extremely excited to come across this Nurse Residency Program in Pediatrics as this is directly in line with my career goals. I would be an excellent candidate for this opportunity at Broward Health as I recently graduated from Chamberlain College of Nursing with my Bachelors degree. I have obtained my Florida licensure as a Registered Nurse and am certified with American Heart Association, Basic Life…

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  • My Career Goals Of Education

    My career goals in life is to become an Elementary School teacher, preferably in kindergarten. The reasons I am considering this job, is because I think that teaching young children is shaping the future of America. I love children and by helping them learn and expanding their knowledge, brings joy to my heart. Knowing that I can somehow make a small change in the world. The top three values that are most important to me have been the same all my life it seems like. Organization, being a…

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  • My Education And Career Goals

    in life. Whether it’s with soccer or my education/career goals, my main goal is to be successful and to be someone in this world. I am currently a sophomore at Mission Hills High School and for me, going to college is a dream that is yet to be fulfilled. I come from a hispanic/mexican background and no one in my family has had the opportunity to go to a college or a university due to the need of money. I was born in Mexico and was 1 year old when my mom and I came here to the United States…

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  • Goals: My Career As A Career In The Future

    Goals are something I set for myself on a daily basis. They have helped me accomplish many things I saw as being impossible. For example, applying to the honors program is something I had in mind for a long time until I finally made the decision to go ahead with the process. One of my academic short term goals is to receive my associate’s degree by May 2017 with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. It is very important for me to be successful in college because I believe that it is what establishes how you…

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  • My Career And Career Goals In The Workplace

    My Career Goal Shelore Fisher Abstract To succeed in life, you should establish goals for yourself. I knew what my calling was at a very young age. My dream is to become an Entrepreneur and own my own business in the child care industry. I started working in the Administrative field and I have taught computer classes, however, due to my passion and love for working with children. I know I am on the right path now. I had to select three careers and complete individual research…

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