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  • World War 1 Technology Essay

    The First World War was an extremely devastating conflict, whether it is to the millions who lost their lives or the decimated, crater-ridden landscapes the war left in its wake. The Great War was also a war of technological brilliance, because of the many new types of war technologies and ideas that were brought to light during this conflict. From new rifles to machine guns to airplanes; all of these types of technology, weapons and methods of waging war paved the way for technology and warfare…

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  • Brief Summary: Castillo De San Marcos

    Castillo de San Marcos, is one of the first successful forts entirely made of stone. For tourists, everywhere you look you could see something that exist in the 16 hundreds. The fort has endured many wars and conflicts,but still stands tall in Augustine Texas . Castillo de San Marcos would be a very interesting memorial to visit. The fort is an oddly shaped memorial. It’s shape is a square with an empty center, and diamond shaped peers on each corner to look out on.The fort is…

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  • Assault Weapons Essay

    Some people will say, “But they were talking about muskets, not military style assault weapons”. However back then the musket was the cutting edge technology. Everyone used them, from the British redcoats to the farmer who shot deer and turkeys to feed his family with. Thirdly, guns are inanimate objects. A gun looking scary does not inherently…

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  • Chesapeake Bay Colony Analysis

    The purpose of Jamestown was for Britian to gain it's share of oversea colonies, trade, and wealth. The British colonies were established by a profit-seeking corporation verses France and Spains monarchy approach. “In 1606, King James I chartered a joint-stock enterprise called the Virginia Company.” King James I motive was to spread Christian religion to the Indians who he believed “live in darkness and miserable ignorance of the true knowledge and worship of God.” The stock holders motives…

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  • Walla Wallas: The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    mouth of the Walla Walla River.[2] During a transaction Yellepit presented Clark with a white horse in return for a copper kettle. The Americans had none in supply however, so Clark gave Yellepit his own sword, along with a quantity of gunpowder and musket balls.[3] Lewis and Clark also gave Yellepit a peace medal engraved with a portrait of President Thomas Jefferson, to be worn around the neck, and a small United States flag. Yellepit, Washington was later named after him.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of War

    In a time of war, I felt very limited, trapped in my situation, I had to do something. Looking back now many things contributed to that decision. My grandmother, Bathsheba, used to come visit my home in Plymouth, when I lived with my mother. She would tell me about a woman named Joan of Arc, a woman that led the french to victory over the british. My grandmother also made me aware of how that woman died, by being burned at the stake for not listening to the rules of the church. Many times when…

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  • Amendments To The Fourth Amendment

    The Constitution of the United States is made up of twenty-seven amendments. The purposes of the amendments are to make a change to the Constitution. An amendment is added to the Constitution to make a change to an older amendment. An amendment can also overturn a previous amendment. To add or remove an amendment to the Constitution, the amendment has to be passed through the congress. In congress it can be passed with a two-thirds vote, meaning two out of the three accept the new or changed…

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  • Jamestown Reflection

    group. I chose salted pork and hard tack to be the first on my equipment sheet because it is an easy and ready to eat to keep the survivor away from hanger for a few days. On the other hand, my group thought that the flint and striker, the ax, the musket, and the 15meter rope were a little more important than the salted pork and hard tack and rank it as number 5. My group chose the 15meter rope as number 4 because…

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  • The Derringer Pistol Short Story

    “Deringer's early efforts were for military contracts, producing military pistols, muskets and rifles” (Slomski). He first liked making long guns and he was passionate of making them. “In 1806 he settled in Philadelphia and began his own arms-manufacturing plant” (Britannica). He concentrated on making single shot pistols. His original…

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  • Analysis Of Fever 1793 By Matilda Cook

    that the fever was contagious, therefore she sent them off to go to the countryside. They had gotten on a wagon and the went off. She fell asleep in the searing heat. Mattie woke several hours later when the wagon came to a stop. Four horsemen with muskets blocked the road. They told everyone on the wagon that they needed to pass a medical test in order to enter the country side. Unfortunately grandfather did not pass the test. That left Matilda and her grandfather alone with no food in the…

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