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  • Relationship Between Reason And Emotion

    Emotion is very closely connected to art, as it is an important part of the human experience with which art is concerned. Art can be defined per the TOK definition which we use in class as an artist’s “deliberate” manipulation of materials to create something “accessible” which often relies on the “human experience-” which is usually associated with the experience of emotion. The common view of art as being purely based in emotion, however, is inaccurate. The phrase “deliberate manipulation” in…

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  • Why I Want To Play Piano Essay

    I know that everybody has rights to pursue hobbies or interests. When I was young, my parents told me that interests can be an incentive of pursuing success; interests can be the beginning of career; interests can be a color pen to paint the life, making it meaningful. I began to play the piano since six years old and enjoyed playing it very much, so piano is one of my most favorite things. Nevertheless, I have noticed a serious problem that playing the piano takes up my too much time which…

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  • Ithaca College Percussion Concert Report

    gives the impression that this hall is being filled by music major’s and families just eager to support their loved ones spilling out with joy. I was so surprised that there were so many young audience members that were not music majors that had just come to hear the percussion concert. Though out the performance you can witness that the audience is so intently listening almost as if nothing could ever break their focus but the conclusion of the music. Sitting there even just before the…

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  • Staples Family Concert Report

    performance, I have a deeper appreciation for live performances more than recorded performances. The live concert performance empowered me to pinpoint such musical elements as: dynamics, timbre, rhythm, and texture. Just as Bonds states in Chapter 1 “Music exerts a powerful pull on the human spirit,” I felt this “pull” throughout the entire performance. I enjoyed the live performance of the pieces because the performer’s emotions allowed for me to understand the meaning behind the pieces. I…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Art Education In Schools

    Picture this a classroom where students need to draw or paint on the back of used paper, where students had to melt used crayons to make new ones. Where teachers have to use their personal bank account to get art supplies. Though school districts cut the arts for financial stability, these school boards should better support art educators to find outside income and create school-sponsored fundraisers. The 21st century in America for art education came to resolving long conflicts with introducing…

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  • Research Paper On Superpower

    superpowers still exist and can be developed with the help of music? For myself, I have identified one interesting superpower that wakes up in a human being, if a person is engaged in music for a long time. For how long? Hard to say, because it depends on every individual. As for me, inspiration descended on me just in a few years. Perhaps you have a talent, and you will recognize your superpower in just a few a months. I joined the world of music when I was eight years old. Three consecutive…

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  • John Cage: Inner Listening

    Music is nothing more than sound, with or without meaning, that the brain attempts to make sense of in a way that is comfortable. Over the years, there have been countless composers that have succeeded in not breaking tradition, per say, but rather adding to it. These influences are seen everywhere in today’s music from new age contemporary to country to hip- hop genres. John Cage, the composer that wrote 4’33”, believed that all sound is music which does not necessarily have to have meaning,…

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  • Inclusive Language Definition

    Inclusive language means speaking in a way that includes and respects everyone, whether that be speaking about their thoughts and feelings, or their experiences. Speaking inclusively is not holding any judgements about a person prior to getting to know them. This is hard to do as many people unconsciously have judgements about people based on their own experiences. It is also easy to unknowingly offend someone by saying something or doing something they do not agree with. The only way…

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  • Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival

    was located on Evanston’s lakefront, was eventful for me last weekend. There were many ongoing activities such as family craft activities, international cuisine, and live music by several performers. I got to experience the diversity of arts and culture from all over the world. I went there mainly to listen to one of the music performers named, Saraswathi Ranganathan, along with her ensemble of Raga Blues that consisted of guests that included origins from India, Africa and Spain- Morikeba…

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  • Jazz Movement Analysis

    Arvizu- 14 April 2016 Jazz is a type of music that branched off from ragtime. Jazz is faster paced music that is desired for dancing. Jazz became popular New Orleans and was known as “ratty” or “gut bucket” music. The spread of jazz took some time and not everyone approved it. Jazz offers musicians to express themselves through playing. Without jazz, other genres in the late 20th century would not be possible. Jazz let musicians have a voice in their creation of music. What I learned from the…

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