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  • Tesla Case Study

    Tesla Motors Overview Tesla Motors was founded in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning with Elon Musk joining the company in February of 2004 providing the majority of the company’s financing in the beginning. The goal of Tesla was and still is to create affordable electric vehicles to the mass market. The initial goal was to start with a premium sports car for early adopters which would then help to finance the company’s sedans and compacts. Today, Tesla has established itself as…

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  • Marketing Strategy: A Case Study Of TESA

    position in the competitive environment under which TOYOTA, HONDA and others has already got a secure position. The roadster was the first product of TESLA, but it was not affordable prices. TESLA is using the EVs technology instead of an automobile oil system. Its products are environment friendly and save the travel cost. Because of use of modern technology TESLA has a big market only in developed countries. Now TESLA is working on the making the low cost product for the customers to expend…

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  • Annotated Bibliography: The City Of China

    The city is the Chinese leading maker of motor vehicle and the largest production center for motorcycles. It is also one of nine largest iron and steel producer in China and has the largest number of China’s highway and railway freight. It serves as one of the most important inland ports as well…

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  • Bayerische Motoren Werke AG: BMW Company Analysis

    Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) is a luxury vehicles and engine manufacturing company from Munich, Germany, founded in 1916. BMW develop and produce electric cars and BMW motorcar. It owns Mini cars and Polls-Royce Motor Cars parent company. BMW is one of the most luxury and quality vehicles in the world. BMW has 122,244 of employees currently working in BMW worldwide, 4,700 apprentices and 115 numbers of nationalities working together in Germany the head quarter. The major competitor of BMW…

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  • The Impact Of Smartphones

    innovation ever experienced in technology. There are smartphones which combines a computer’s operating system with the cellular feature in a pocket size device. There are also electric cars which are vehicles that are propelled by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries. I believe both technology have changed people’s lives and stimulated economic growth however it also holds a major privacy and safety threat into our future if not optimized…

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  • Muscle Cars: Change In The Auto Industry

    muscle cars, they keep them for show. The muscle car industry took off over the 1950s. The early 70s brought about change in the auto industry. Manufacturers detuned the powerful engines of the 1960s to meet the government standards. New federal motor vehicle safety standards forced automakers to change the bumpers to heavier, sturdier metals, adding weight and…

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  • BMW I3

    The basic difference between the two motors is as follows. The BMW i3 (BEV) version is an all-electric vehicle motor without the optional range extender. The BMW i3 Range Extender (REx) is simply the BMW i3 with the range extender option included, which is a small 2-cylinder gas powered generator that delivers electricity to the battery and traction motor, and is what powers the vehicle. The range extender is designed to turn on when the battery…

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  • Bombardier Transportation Case Study

    INTRODUCTION Bombardier Transportation is the rail equipment division of the Canadian firm Bombardier Inc. Bombardier Transportation is one of the world's leading firms in the rail-equipment manufacturing and servicing industry. It is headquartered in Berlin, Germany with regional offices and major development facilities in Canada & the United States. Bombardier Transportation has numerous more minor generation and advancement offices around the world, for accessibility. It offers a wide range…

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  • Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Electric Cars

    Kattula 1 Sriven Kattula Mrs. Hutfilz 9th Grade Honors Lit 4 March, 2018 Pros of Electric cars Did you know that by 2020 all gas stations will have been replaced by electric charge stations, this is thanks to electric cars taking the world by storm. So why are electric cars so popular? Aside from the obvious environmental benefit, EV’s are much safer due to their higher crash and battery safety standards. There are also many financial benefits including federal and local tax credits, as…

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  • Essay On Car Culture

    car has probably been high up on a list of accomplishments since being just a teenager. For most, the love of their car usually ends after a new carwash or oil change. But for millions of others, the love of cars goes much further. Whether it be for style, popularity, or functionality, a car culture…

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