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  • 2008 Meltdown Case Study

    The 2008 meltdown had taught lessons to essential market actors, such as banks, governments and nations worldwide of interconnected actions and following consequences of financial hardships. The introduction of Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 and the fact of actually surviving the meltdown had slowly earned back Americans’ trust in real estate market investments as of today. Real estate seems to be a great method for people to invest their money in until obtaining an ownership or…

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  • How Does Fannie Mae Promote Homeownership?

    (The Federal National Mortgage Association). This government sponsored enterprise (GSE) was founded during the great depression by Congress, its aim was to stimulate the housing market by making more mortgages available to moderate-to-low income borrowers. They do not originate or provide mortgages to borrowers, they purchase already issued mortgages off the mortgage originators and guarantees them via the secondary mortgage market. Banks or mortgage originators who sold mortgages onto Fannie…

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  • Broken Mirror Essay

    years of bad luck; similarly, when a home undergoes foreclosure, the homeowner is in for seven years of bad credit. Nearly 2 million homes went into foreclosure during the real estate and mortgage meltdown. After seven years of piecing together their credit, many of these former homeowners qualify for a mortgage again. These potential buyers are referred to as boomerang buyers. Despite the repair of their credit, the shattering of their original credit still haunts them. Moving forward,…

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  • Housing Crisis Research Paper

    Home ownership is very low . Prices of inflation has declined since 2010 . Lenders have changed since 2008 they offered undocumented immigrants and high risk borrowers loans . That is one of the reason that lead to the housing crisis . The crisis began in 2007 the economy entered a mortgage crisis . It was caused because a lot of homeowners could not pay for where they were staying . That triggered other financial problems in the…

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  • Importance Of Asymmetric Information In The Financial Market

    Law In Context 30, no. 1: 114-145.) During the crisis, the Credit Rating Agencies (CRA) generally failed to provide accurate assessment on the risks of subprime mortgage related securities. Actually, the CRA like Moody and S&P gave high rating on those securities. In 2007, the senior tranche of the CDO, which involved subprime mortgages, received the highest rating of…

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  • Short Story: The Orphanage Queen

    The Orphanage Queen Time passes, year after year and as a result, nothing stays the same. Imagine that you are living with a wealthy standard and all of a sudden all of your happy moments while you were wealthy are gone with the wind. Unexpectedly an opportunity may spark up and take you from poverty to a high living standard again. No matter what we are and what way we are living in we will all return to one condition at the end. Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, in under a second…

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  • Essay About Buying A Home

    lived the dream. Feeling the pride of ownership, having a place to raise a family, create memories and receive tax benefits. Then the day comes the economy takes a downfall, and people start to lose their jobs. Cash becomes low, not enough to pay the mortgage on the house, and then the home is foreclosed. Taken away by the banks, losing the benefits of owning a home, and forced to waste money on a rental. Wondering if there is hope of ever owning a home again. Painting walls, adding new…

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  • Boomerang Buyers Essay

    process behind it. The rent-to-own option is an enormous market as not all homeowners are willing to let go of their homes too. Nowadays it is also harder for “all in” purchases because not everyone has a good credit score to qualify for a loan for mortgage. The rent-to-own does not usually require a loan as the renter and seller just need to come to agreement in the contract of the monthly payment. This way both the seller and buyer are benefiting from it. The boomerang buyers are not in a…

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  • Ranch Style

    Ranch style house plans were first built in the United States in the 1920's, and became very popular in the post-World War II era when GI loans, and Americans taking to automobiles and commuting to work, fueled a building explosion in the suburbs. This style was particularly associated with inexpensive tract housing developments since these homes are cheap to build and maintain. The house is marked by a long, low profile, and the minimal use of interior and exterior decoration. These houses fuse…

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  • Retirement Planning Checklist

    Conclusion A retirement planning checklist is more than about obtaining a plan while you are still working. If you do have such a plan set up, then of course, your retirement planning will be much easier afterwards. What is the most important is that you should do everything in your power to be financially, physically, and mentally independent once you retire, and not need to depend on someone else. Retirement Planning Tips This retirement planning checklist provides quick tips to help seniors…

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