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  • Greg Mankiw Wealth Inequality Essay

    Redlining referred to lenders who refused to lend money or extend credit to borrowers in certain areas of a town, usually because those areas were viewed as more dangerous and thus a higher insurance liability. These have historically been predominantly non-white communities littered…

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  • Housing Discrimination In Harlem

    Writing in 1960 for Esquire, James Baldwin described the damage done by New York City’s racial segregation practices, particularly the desolation of the Riverton housing project. The state of housing segregation in Seattle today is a long way from the dire straits of black housing in Baldwin’s Harlem. Particularly striking, though, is Baldwin’s contrasting of the white, wealthy Fifth Avenue downtown and Fifth Avenue in Harlem. To some extent, this juxtaposition should feel familiar to Seattle’s…

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  • Fdr's Response To The Great Depression

    On October 29th, 1929, the United States witnessed one of it’s greatest economic tragedies. The American people watched banks fail with uninsured deposits, leading to people losing the entirety of their savings. Surviving banks were no longer lending freely to the general public, and unemployment skyrocketed to nearly 25%. This infamous event is now referred to as Black Tuesday and the time period to follow would be known as the Great Depression. Events soon grew immensely worse with the…

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  • What Is The Total Capital Investment Means In Start Of The Unit Absolutely The Amount Of Capital?

    TOTAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT The aggregate capital means in start of the unit absolutely the amount of capital ought to be need. It alludes to the capital, which should be close by while beginning the unit. The following table shows the total capital investment in “xyz enterprise”. SR NO. PARTICULARS AMOUNT 1. Land…

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  • Economic Effects Of Grexit

    With this intention, if a Grexit occurs it will be having a devastating impact on its economy because they will not receive debt forgiveness for what they owe to the rest of European governments. This will cause an increase in inflation, unemployment, and their asset prices will plummet. Millions of people will wake up knowing that their Greek euro deposits have transformed into devalued Drachma deposits. More important, Greece will never get a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or…

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  • The Six Types Of Environmental Factors In Strategic Business

    There are four important & frequent questions a business should ask itself : 1. Where are we now? 2. Where do we want to be? 3. How will we get there? 4. When will we get there? The point between where you are NOW & where you want to be is known as the gaps. Calculating the "gaps" is known as gap analysis & can be demonstrated in the following diagram. Strategic business unit o SBU is a semi-autonomous unit which is usually responsible for its own budgeting, new product decisions, hiring…

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  • UK Housing Market Analysis

    Relevant quantity and quality of housing are crucial for economic well-being, growth, and social welfare. However, for decades’ supply has fallen short of the level needed to match demand and has been irresponsive to increases in prices. In the UK a significant shortage of housing explains why house prices have risen much faster than inflation and earnings. Housing construction involves more stages than most of other products. New homes building depends on land acquisition, planning and…

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  • Debt In America

    The first sign of debt in America started in 1929. The American stock market crashed. The Great Depression was caused by misbalanced distributions of wealth, war debts, increase in tariffs, excessive production in agriculture and industry, and doubts of the stock markets. As a result, spending dropped, and as production decreased, unemployment increased. Most of the countries businesses failed. Americans were led to buy on credit which led them to falling into debt. Half of the country’s…

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  • What Is The Cause Of Racial Inequality

    Conversations in the United States regarding racial inequality between blacks and whites are incredibly divisive. That is logical because one side must blame, while the other rebuts, and vice versa, until the discourse resentfully ends and no progress has been made. The chasm on opinions exists because whites are fundamentally incapable of understanding the plight of blacks unless they are well-educated. However, it’s difficult for whites to be well-educated, in context, given that the…

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  • Argument Analysis: Living With Less

    The housing market currently, in my opinion is completely out of control. Aren’t you tired of paying so much for your rent? Don’t you want to stop paying someone else’s mortgage? Homeowner’s insurance, escrow balance, interest percentage, principal amount… so many different things you got to keep up with. I believe the solution lies within the concept of “Living with Less” (LwL). The “LwL” approach to life offers people affordable housing, the ability to become debt-free or minimize their…

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