Monica Lewinsky

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  • How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers?

    High school students don’t care if they hurt each other’s feelings. Celebrities make a big difference when raising awareness about any issue, young adults look up to famous people. Monica Lewinsky talked about bring compassions to the internet on her talk show TED talk. Bella Thorne, Demi Lovato, and Katy Perry are only some of the few celebrities raising awareness for internet bullying and inappropriate posting by teens. When teens confront…

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  • Separation Of Power

    confirmed by the Senate. There are many other examples of how the separation of powers is in play in the American political life. Legislative branch can impeach the sitting President which happened once in the case of President Clinton in his Monica Lewinsky scandal: same as the President is able to veto laws passed by Congress, the latter can override the veto with the two third majority vote; The Congress also can change the number of justices on the Supreme Court and initiate constitutional…

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  • Downton Abbey Character Analysis

    Managers, directors, and team captains all have a certain quality in common. They are all leaders. As a leader, a person must exhibit several characteristics: honesty, integrity, responsibility, positivity, diligence, open-mindedness, and an ability to inspire others. However, among all these characteristics, only three excel are the most critical: honesty displays a leader’s true personality when difficulties arise, inspirational leaders can raise morale in trying times, open-minded leaders are…

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  • Politics: The Power Of Media

    The media is an integral part of society’s political system. The media has vast power because just about all Americans get their news from the media. The media’s coverage can determine how Americans’ see the world and the media decides which issues are important and should be discussed. From the political standpoint, the media performs many functions important to the political process. The media not only reports the news, but it serves as the liaison between the people and the government. In…

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  • Coordination Or Collaboration: The Cost Of War

    War seems to constantly be ravaging some part of the international community in a manner that makes it almost commonplace; however, upon analysis, the frequent recurrence of war is found to be completely irrational. The costs of war, both in terms of the depletion of financial resources and in terms of lives lost, nearly always outweighs any winnings. This confusion can be unraveled using the bargaining model of war as well as many other theories that outline certain types of dispute that some…

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  • A Great President

    promised to protect. A U.S. president needs to be a man or woman with integrity not only in front of the people but behind closed doors. President Bill Clinton did not exemplify this characteristic when he had an affair with White House employee, Monica Lewinsky. Though it is true, all presidents are indeed human, President Clinton made a mistake that cost him his presidency as he betrayed the public’s trust by proving himself to be someone lacking good character. The President owes it to him or…

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  • Difference Between Presidential And Parliamentary Government

    Introduction Despite their similarities in culture, Canada and the United States are run by vastly different political systems. Though both nations are federal states, Canada has a parliamentary system of government while the United States has a republic system (Wiseman 14-09-22). The American president and Canadian prime minister are both very influential figures, but this influence on their nations and governments manifests itself in different ways. There is great debate over which…

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  • Lyndon B. Johnson: One Of The Best President

    Throughout the years, the United States has experienced the reigns of many of presidents. Some of these presidents having the admiration of the public for being one of the best presidents, and some just have the scum left on the floor. In my opinion one of the best presidents we have had up to date was Lyndon B. Johnson for his hardy attitude, and having the knowledge to comprehend what he can and cannot do. The worst president goes to Bill Clinton for his wishy-washy, hardheaded decision-making…

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  • Gambling And Pornography Research Paper

    We all spend too much time doing something; sometimes playing Minecraft or tweeting about a failed relationship and how much ice cream is being eaten. Another thing we might be doing too much of is eating or being a workaholic. If we spend too much doing those things, more than likely it is an addiction. Those aren’t normally considered one, but drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and gambling are. All of those combined aren’t nearly as harmful on yourself, others, and your society. One of the weirdest…

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  • Congress Presidential Power

    Congress Authority and Presidential Power Congress which is also known as the Legislative branch was created to make laws, represent the people, perform oversight, help constituents, and educate the public. The Speaker of the House is chosen to represent Congress this person is referred to as the majority leader. The Senate of the House represents the minority leader. Checks and balances was created to ensure that no one branch had more power than the other through the separation of powers.…

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