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  • Hayek Vs Friedman Analysis

    effects and helping the citizens of the country as much as possible. Friedman was for monetarism, stressing its importance to keep the economy going. Monetarism is the concept that the government should control the amount of money in circulation, creating a steady flow of the money supply, helping the national output of goods and…

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  • Quantitative Easing

    This essay is split into two parts, the first part assess the effectiveness the main channels the Quantitative Easing (QE) programme works through, followed by the second part discussing whether I believe an extended QE programme should be implemented in the UK. 1) How does QE operate? QE was firstly conducted by Bank of Japan in 1990s to combat deflation, and then this unconventional monetary policy has been extensively used by central banks around the world post 2007 financial crisis. The…

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  • Relationship Between The Monetary Policy And The Stock Market

    Tobin (1969) thought the monetary policy affected the real economy through the supply of the capital. According to it, the increase of the money supply will result the decrease in interest rate and then rise in stock price. However, since 2006, China 's stock market has facing the biggest change of bull and bear markets. In this period, the influence of the change…

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  • History Of The Federal Reserve System

    Congress established the Federal Reserve System, also known as “The Fed”, almost a century ago to serve as the U.S. central bank. President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law on December 23, 1913. Prior to the formation of the Fed, the U.S. economy was afflicted by numerous episodes of panic, bank failures, and credit scarcity. The history of the Federal Reserve is affiliated with the effort to build a more stable and secure financial system. This paper describes major…

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  • Bank Of Korea Case Study

    Encouragement of Flows of Funds to Financial Market In order to encourage flows of fund to the money and bond market, Bank of Korea enlarged the scope of eligible collateral and eligible financial institution counterparties for its open market operations. In November and December of 2008, the bank included bank debentures and certain government agency bonds for use in open market operations, which were originally only Treasury bonds, government-guaranteed bonds and Monetary Stabilization Bonds…

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  • Herbert Simon Bounded Rational Theory Case Study

    Linking cash transfer to Herbert Simon’s bounded rational theory (Group component): The government of India had actually three policy choices to be made - Policy 1- whether to completely go for cash transfer for all the social welfare programs (including for food distribution). Policy 2- whether to continue with the existing “in kind” subsidies and no cash transfer. Policy 3- whether to partially go for cash transfer for some benefits like scholarship, old age pension etc and continue…

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  • Zigama Credit And Savings Society Case Study

    in money transfer that allows clients to send or receive money instantaneously from wherever they may be. It is established to re-adjust the bank’s services to meet clients’ demands. Since inception, it has helped members to receive money through CSS wide network. It does not require having an account in CSS in order to use CSS NTUMA…

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  • TVP-VAR Case Study

    In this study, a TVP-VAR model with stochastic volatility is used. Initially, the TVP-VAR model was introduced by Primiceri (2005) and Nakajima (2011) to examine the changes in the transmission of monetary policy and the changes in the variances of the exogenous shocks. This study is the first to examine the changes in the transmission of remittances shocks on inflation, savings and TFP in Saudi Arabia over the period 1970-2012. Following Nakajima (2011), we set up the TVP-VAR model with…

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  • Great Depression: Government Policies

    Referred to as contractionary policy, this course of action is designed to decrease the aggregate demand to a sustainable level when an economy is working outside of its production possibility curve. In order to decrease the additional money in the economy, the government turns to contractionary fiscal policy. As a result, common solutions involve decreasing government spending, increasing taxes, or a combination of both. By increasing taxes, a liberal ideal, the government will slow…

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  • Nike Competitive Advantage

    Does the company need to defend itself against new competition? Under Armour, founded in 1996, has successfully entered the high-performance apparel industry. Bargaining power of suppliers: How dependent is the business on its suppliers? If the business has only one major supplier and no available alternatives, the supplier has great bargaining power. Conversely, a business can have bargaining power over the supplier. For example, Nike doesn’t manufacture its own sneakers; it uses…

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