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  • Analysis Of GUK1 Result

    Differential alternative splicing human tissue network analysis of GUK1 Result Figure 4.12: Visualisation of alternative splicing gene GUK1 in human tissues. Differential alternative splicing genes between two different tissues comparison were shown on a different visualisation platform and tools in comparison with network analysis. (A) rMATS analysis. Histogram shows inclusion level ψ, per sample for each tissue comparisons. In this case, only exon 3 found as statistically alternative…

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  • Pyramidal CA1 Neurons

    behavioral circuits. Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) are ideal for this type of work because of their well-defined behavioral output and mapped neural circuitry. Fly brains comprise only ~100,000 neurons, and there are abundant genetic and molecular tools…

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  • Kulwant: Lead Hand At Tenneco Automotive Inc.

    Kulwant originally wanted to be a plant breeder and had an interest in plant genetics. He loved plants and wanted to do research in developing new plant varieties. Therefore, he got a Masters of Science in Plant Breeding. After University, he worked as a Research Assistant in Pulse Breeding. Then he had to leave his job after only working 9 months to immigrate to Canada. Unfortunately, when he got here he couldn’t find any jobs related to plant breeding, so he was forced to do odd jobs to make a…

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  • Counteract Ethylene Experiment

    Literature published in the 1970’s document dioecious female Cannabis plants producing male flowers after treatment with colloidal silver (CS) during the flowering period (Sarath, 1979). While Van Der Straeten describes CS counteracting ethylene, a biosynthetic chemical expressed in female flowers, the gene expression changes from this treatment were not discussed (1991). What differential RNA expression occurs when transitioning female flowers to male flowers through CS treatment on Cannabis?…

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  • Genetically Modified Animals Research Paper

    Pesticide resistant GMOs, and their effects on the wellbeing of the planet In an event as influential as the asteroid that ended the Cretaceous period, Homo-Sapiens began their work terraforming their world around them. They annihilated species while promoting other. They destroyed landscapes to fulfill their wants. They mixed and meddled into everything imaginable. Over the course of their actions they slowly tapped into the promoting force of life itself… Evolution. At first they bred animals…

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  • Genetic Testing Advantages

    Genetic testing is also known as DNA testing. It utilizes laboratory methods to study genes and chromosomes, in order to detect the presence of genetic diseases or the mutant forms of genes associated with high probabilities of developing genetic disorders, to design appropriate treatment. There are different types of genetic tests: Diagnostic testing, carrier testing, prenatal testing, pharmacogenomics testing, Research genetic testing and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Families who…

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  • Dna Extraction Lab Report

    Results: Table 1: Raw data that shows how changing the mass(g) of soap in the extraction solution affects the mass of DNA extracted from the kiwi (g) Mass of DNA extracted from kiwi (g) Set Mass of Soap in extraction solution (g) Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Trial 4 Trial 5 1 0.5 1.25 0.74 0.24 2.04 0.30 2 1 1.41 1.38 1.26 1.52 1.36 3 1.5 1.91 1.48 2.39 2.63 2.00 4 2 2.43 3.34 3.26 3.01 3.62 5 2.5 2.65 4.00 5.32 3.52 3.95 All results are recorded with 2 decimal points for higher accuracy Numbers…

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  • Expression In INS-1

    Figure 22. Relative mRNA expression in INS-1E cells after different chemicals treatment. Cells were treated with DHT, TCS and TCC for 48 h before RNA extraction for activity determination. Expression levels of the AR, pdx1, GK and Ins2 were determined by RT-QPCR and mRNA expression levels were normalized with TFIIB (A-D). DMSO treated samples were considered as control. Control samples were set as one and results are shown as mean ± S.E.M of duplicate samples from three independent experiments.…

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  • Onion Cell Experiment

    Introduction: LAB REPORT- Comparing and Discovering the Properties of Animal and Plant Cells INTRODUCTION: Scientists have developed classification units among livings. One of this classification types is kingdoms. It represents widely covered societies, including Animalia and Plantae. It is known that all livings are composed of cells, from the cell theory, so animals and plants also have a cell association. The cellular structures of animal and plants cells are clearly different. These…

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  • Spectrophotometer

    Emily Astarita, Amelia Grose, Natalie Krapcho and I’s project is titled “Concentration Quantification and Comparison with the HIC Eluate and Bacterial Lysate.” The overall objectives of this experiments include using a spectrophotometer to obtain absorbance of standard solutions to create a standard curve from this data, and subsequently using the equation of the curve to find the concentration of GFP elute which was purified from the column. Using the spectrophotometer to create a standard…

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