Molecular biology

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  • Plasmids In Biological Research

    a replication origin, a DNA marker, and a multiple cloning site, which are sufficient for the plasmid to replicate itself and help the transformed cell to exhibit characteristics indicating successful transformation, such as drug resistance (Molecular Biology Laboratory Manual). In order for the plasmid vector to enter the bacterial cell, the cell must be competent. A common method of increasing cell competency is heat shock, which increases the permeability of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Risks In Beowulf

    Throughout our daily lives and even the stories we read, have people or at least something taking a risk. Do you think that it was worth it when you had taken the risk you did, or even the stories risks that they take? For some stories, the risks they take are also questionable and even heroic for others, even if it means there own lives on the line. We risk so many things in our daily lives, do i ask for the promotions, do I speak out on an opinion that people have, etc… I will be telling you…

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  • Genetic Engineering In Animals Essay

    perceive and transmit signals that cause the cell to react to changes. The set of all genes of an organism is called genotype. In all the cells of the same organism genotype is the same. Genetic engineering is the complex of technology which using molecular biological methods allow changing the structure of the genes and introducing foreign genes with the specified functions into the organism. However, the organism is transferred only…

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  • E. Coli Lab Report

    Plasmids are extra chromosomal DNA within some bacteria that exist as circular structures. Although they are not essential for survival of the bacterium, they often do confer many environment advantages such as antibiotic resistance. One bacteria of interest is E. coli, a gram-negative organism that is part of normal human gut flora. Some strains of E. coli are pathologic to humans, however some strains are beneficial. For example, one strain produces vitamin K, an essential nutrient. In this…

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  • Crick's Theory Of Dna

    1) A. In 1947 Francis Crick began working with Max Perutz at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge. He began working on a new sector of the Laboratory where X-ray crystallography was being used in order to study protein structure. Crick's thesis project at the university was on X-ray diffraction of proteins. Crick then met John Watson and together they solved the structure of DNA using available X-ray data at the time and model building. After discovering the double helix model, Crick and…

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  • Unknown Microorganism Lab Report

    PCR is used to magnify the 16S rRNA gene and is used in molecular biology to make thousands of copies of the magnified DNA. There are three main stages that the PCR carries out, the first is denaturing when the double-stranded DNA is separated into two strands. Second, annealing which enables the DNA primers to attach…

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  • The Double Helix Summary

    The book I read for my Biology book report was, The Double Helix, A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA an autobiography written by James D. Watson. It was released in 1968 and was published by Atheneum Press (US), Weidenfeld & Nicolson (UK) and is 226 pages. As the title suggests, the book is Dr. Watson’s personal account of the groundbreaking discovery of the structure of DNA. Biologists already knew that genes were the material responsible for traits getting passed from…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Gmos

    The Great GMO Debate Introduction: Gmos have been introduced since the 1970s, and they have taken place of our main food supply. Although the creations of Gmos worry citizens about the unknown process of mutating our food supply these are just incorrect accusations while Gmos are beneficial for the stability of our society. The Debate on the Safety of Genetically Modified Organisms: In the last few decades Gmos have be introduced in order to fulfill our cultures supply needs for food.…

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  • DNA Isolation

    DNA ISOLATION INTRODUCTION: Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) isolation is an extraction process of DNA from various sources. Methods used to isolate DNA are dependent on the source, age, and size of the sample. Despite the wide variety of methods used, there are some similarities among them. In general, they aim to separate DNA present in the nucleus of the cell from other cellular components. Isolation of DNA is needed for genetic analysis, which is used for scientific, medical, or forensic purposes…

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  • Biochemistry Personal Statement Example

    scientist. Over the years of my life and educational career, I have accumulated great interest in science and its relations with all aspects of life. Since junior high school, my interest and passion for biology and chemistry has grown stronger as years go by. Studying life processes in molecular terms…

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