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  • Al Shabaab's Suicide Bombing

    Al Shabaab was the first terrorist organization to use an American citizen to conduct a suicide bombing mission more than five years ago. Since then, the group has consistently targeted civilians and non-combatants to achieve their goals and has continued to attract Americans and other foreigners to its ranks. The group controls a large swath of territory in southern and central Somalia which enables the group to train and operate freely without any real interference. It has managed to survive…

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  • What Is The Rwandan Genocide?

    In October of 1993, eighteen soldiers were killed during combat in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. The US was there because they was assisting the United Nations during the Somalian civil war (3). After this tragic event, America did not want to intervene with any more civil wars to avoid “needlessly dying” (4). Belgium…

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  • Underage Soldiers

    It’s holocaust remembrance day and my best friends and I are burning flowers to honor the people who died in the concentration camps. One of my friends tells me that she brought extra flowers than the usual four to commemorate the ones who have died in the east from genocide too. I feel so bad for the families that have lost their loved ones to genocide that it makes me realize that genocide is the worst outcome of the war. This is because of the destruction it causes and the mental toll that it…

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  • Essay On Osama Bin Laden

    around the world, making the world see right from wrong accordance to the Islamic law.3 Within two years Osama and his group had bombed the U.S. World Trade Center killing six and wounding hundreds, and killing eighteen servicemen in can ambush in Mogadishu. In 1994 the Saudi government relinquished Osama 's citizenship and his family disowned him because did not approve of his actions. Bin Laden wanted to draw the U.S. into some type of war so he began to create with violent plans.2 He began by…

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  • Suffering Within The Concept Of Pain Essay

    85. What is The Purpose behind Suffering within Concept “EVERYTHING IS VERY GOOD”? • The ‘man-made’ science characterizes Pain as a complex and subjective phenomenon, therefore, finding the consensus on the adequate definition of Pain, which certainly represents discomforting and unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, is still a major challenge. According to the inference that stems from the rational part of man-made science, Pain is a ‘primordial’ phenomenon of the same rank and…

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  • Essay On Rwanda Genocide

    The failure of the UN to act upon the reports of genocide in Rwanda caused an innumerable amounts of killing and anarchy. The problems started with the Belgium’s discrimination between the two populations. Going as far as to hire scientists to prove the Tutsi superiority, they only enabled the already present racism between the two groups. Then the Hutu population decided to act. After the president was shot down, supposedly by Hutu extremists, the anarchy began. The Hutu people was responsible…

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  • A Social Media Analysis

    this case, that people spread their positivity as they share and/or make encouraging comments to their family and friends and even strangers. To further emphasize this, I quickly discovered the tragic of the truck bomb explosion that occurred in Mogadishu, Somalia a few hours prior as I logged into my Twitter account, I quickly discovered about this tragic event that was announced a few hours after the incident. However, if it was not for social media, and how Twitter had a trending page that…

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  • Cold War Foreign Policy

    The Cold War long defined American foreign policy. American foreign policy was forced to embody American national identity by advocating for economic freedom and countering the Soviet Union across the globe. Once the Cold War ended, the U.S. faced a world with new actors and new challenges. This new world necessitated a new foreign policy as well. After the Cold War, U.S. foreign policy struggled to meet different challenges, but its core objective of spreading American ideology remained. The…

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  • Summary: New Technologies In Counterterrorism

    New Technologies in Counterterrorism Since 9/11 In response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the U.S. Government initiated efforts to combat terrorism and irregular adversaries. While terrorism has long been identified as a national security threat, it was no longer viewed as a law enforcement problem, but as a military problem. The Clinton Administration had used the military in retaliation for attacks by international terrorists, but the majority of counterterrorism funding…

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  • Causes Of The Somali Civil War

    The next cause of the Somali Civil War is the prevalence of clans in Somalia. The role of clans in Somalia is an important social unit in Somalia just as it is in the rest of Africa. Upon saying that, there is a lot of division that goes into the formation of these clans despite the fact Somalia is very homogenous and the population is 99% Somalian (Terdman 2008, 12). Due to this, the vast majority of its citizens share both a common language and a common culture. (Woods 1997, 1) Still, clans…

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