Modernist elements in the Heart of Darkness Essay

  • The Characteristics Of Nationalism In 419 By Will Ferguson

    in order to prevent the culture from being overpowered. The novel 419 fits in the categories of literature that came after the confederation period. 419 by Will Ferguson belongs to the category of a traditional postmodern Canadian novel since the novel has elements of intertextuality…

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  • The Silent One Poem Analysis

    describes the heroism of soldiers and injects a powerful sense of realism. He also uses sound in his poem to make it alive, like “hearing bullets whizzing – And thought of music –” (14-15). Through these lines, the speaker is trying to show that the soldier listened to his officer even in the darkness caked with the noise of gunshots. The acuteness of hearing and implementing accurately what has been suggested, is the base of this poem. Similarly, Wilfred Owen also described the pain one soldier…

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