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  • What Are The Safety Of Electronic Devices During Class?

    The use of electronic devices during classes has been a discussed issue for long, because of problems regarding the safety of the wireless connection, the costs of using these kind of devices for learning institutions and the personal use each student does with them. Many researchers argue that technologies used during lectures are only damage for students, because they tend to pass their time on social networks or surfing in Internet rather than follow the lesson. According to Dr. Claire La…

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  • Summary: Manifesto Of Neutrality

    Manifesto of Neutrality With the last frontier of free speech at risk, one must take action against those who threaten this frontier. I urge anyone who supports a free internet to join me and several others on a path that will shake the foundations of the world. The people that wish to eliminate a neutral internet wish to control and regulate it. But what is there to control if there is nothing to be controlled? We must free ourselves from the shackles and only then will opponents of a free…

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  • Social Inequality In Canada

    rates among rural, low-income, less-educated, and older individuals” (James, M., Prabir K., N., Rafi M., G., & Josie, B. (2013). The digital divide affects many people worldwide but also throughout Canada. It can be said that “The Internet will expand access to education, good jobs, and better health” (DiMaggio, P., & Hargittai, E. (2001). One can argue these points as through various different content online for example news stories, this provides education to the public, possibly about a…

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  • Physical Network Design: Network Phenomenon

    Process of elimination lets me know that the mesh, bus, etc. could be use, but do not fit the needs of the company. Mesh could be used for the wireless access point that will be put in the student lobby but may not be logical for the entire network. Mesh could be a separate topology from the rest, but for simplistic purposed it was not picked. The bus physical topology does not allow for computers to stay…

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  • Internet Neutrality

    The Internet Served Equally Growing up in a world where the ability to access various kinds of information at the touch of a finger is possible, one can imagine a life fulfilled with numerous opportunities to learn and be entertained. Of course, to many individuals, this is often referred to as the “Internet” and its practicality is often taken for granted. However, that freedom to equally access all public content on the Internet, commonly referred to as net neutrality, has been jeopardized in…

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  • Net Neutrality Pros And Cons

    Net Neutrality Report Numerous studies have been conducted on the topic of Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is the principle that broadband internet service providers should allow access to all content and applications regardless of its source or destination, and without favoring or blocking particular applications or contents on websites. The purpose of this report is to discuss the issue of Net Neutrality with the Ministry of Industry, and other non-technical government officials. This report…

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  • Modem Essay

    most common questions that are asked is, what is a modem? Well modem is an acronym for (modulator-demodulator) which essentially means that its primary job is to encode and decode binary signals to allow computers or essentially any end systems to access the Internet. Originally, phone lines were used to carry analog information and a converter was needed to decode these signals, therefore the modem was born. Initially, modems were used as a way for Teletype machines (printers) to communicate…

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  • The Dangers Of Internet Surveillance

    Let’s begin, Google tracks us by using its pages and having direct access to their servers. The entire information people search on the web is being saved forever. Google knows people better than their partners. Yes, Google knows what people like, dislike and even know where they are from the internet of their phones.…

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  • Net Neutrality Research Paper

    All users of the internet will have to pay extra money to access certain content on the internet. On the other hand, some people believe that Net Neutrality restricts their business rights of Internet Service Provides and other electronic suppliers. “Less overall investment in internet networks negatively impacts…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Net Neutrality

    What is net neutrality? Net neutrality is the principle that people should be able to access to the internet without restrictions. The company in which you get your internet through, also known as ISP, is not able to discriminate against you for the websites and services you access. Having net neutrality also allows every website to work at the same, average speed provided by your ISP. People have been able to use net neutrality for a long time and depend on it every time they go online. There…

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