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  • The Role Of Michael Cassio In Othello

    the way Michael Cassio is portrayed throughout Shakespeare’s tragic play, Othello. Throughout the story, Cassio is shaped and explained by three things: his military service, his orderly personality, and his charisma with women. As people and things begin to manipulate Michael, things get a little complicated and threaten Michael’s position as Othello’s lieutenant. However, when he acts as he was taught in the military, everything turns out in his favor. Early on in the play, Michael is…

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  • Marijuana Should Be Illegal In The United States

    Since 1929 marijuana has been illegal in the United States of America. Marijuana was and still is viewed as a terrible substance that will harm you, but that is not the case. Marijuana, also known as weed, is not as bad as people make it seems and if legalized actually has some benefits to it. Marijuana is much healthier for you than alcohol or tobacco yet they are legal and marijuana is not. If it was legal, almost one million people would not even be in jail today, saving the government a lot…

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  • Desdemona A Strong Female Character Analysis

    During the sixteenth century, Shakespeare Wrote the play Othello, a love story that ended in tragedy and death because of the lies that the character Iago told. During that time period, it was customary for women to be housewives and were essentially at the bottom of the hierarchy since it was a male dominated society. The female’s roles played in these scenes were fundamentally just possessions who belonged to their husbands but yet they still loved their husbands unconditionally. One…

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  • The Importance Of Revenge In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    Hamlet is a revenge tragedy play written by Williams Shakespeare. The play is all about revenge; many characters are seeking revenge of other characters with different reason and motives. In every revenge tragedy, there should be a ghost that asks for revenge. The three major themes that most of the characters are involved in are revenge, madness and spying. The three themes are related to each other, while revenge was the reason behind madness and madness was the reason behind spying. To make…

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  • Merchant Of Venice Character Analysis

    Write a critical note on the contrast of women characters used in the Merchant of Venice. Merchant of Venice is one of Williams Shakespeare comedy play or story written somewhere between the 1596 and 1598. This essay will mainly focus on each role of the women characters characteristics in the merchant of Venice. The female roles are consistently more complex than the male ones and even though the protagonists are often the male role, the action is frequently directed by a…

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  • Theme Of Betrayal In Macbeth

    MACBETH "WITH GREAT POWERS COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY" The story of Macbeth's that explores witchcraft, lies, betrayal and deception it is full of twist and turns. Friends become rival enemies. On this play William Shakespeare explores different angles of deception, from the lies that are covered in truth or the truth covered in lies. The use of magic powers, peoples evil desires and how the witches convince people to do evil acts using the images, apparitions and riddles to communicate their…

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  • Internal Conflicts In Othello Essay

    1) What are Othello's internal conflicts? What are his external conflicts? INTERNAL Most prevalent on Othello's mind is fact that Desdemona might be cheating on him. He is unsure because there's hard evidence of her cheating on him with Cassio. When Iago tells him to watch Desdemona's interaction with Cassio carefully, he observes that Desdemona mentions Cassio frequently. This enrages him and pushes him to think that she is guilty of infidelity. The evidence that pushes Othello's mind over the…

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  • Love, Jealousy And Betrayal In William Shakespeare's Othello

    “Othello” by William Shakespeare mainly describes about love, jealousy and betrayal. When we consider about some of the characters the play’s protagonist and the hero was Othello. Othello was well respected by all those around him and he was a physically powerful figure. Although he was very fluent, he believes in his words and manners are both rough. Desdemona was the Othello’s wife and she was almost overly cultured. She was stronger than Othello believes her to be and was determined and…

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  • Theme Of Conflict In Othello

    The play Othello written by Shakespeare, is based on one huge conflict. The setting of Othello takes place in Venice where Desdemona and Othello get married despite their age and race difference. The problem occurs when Iago is passed up for a big job promotion when Othello decides to appoint Cassio in the position. To get back at Othello, Iago creates a devious plan to ruin Othello and Desdemona’s marriage by saying that Desdemona is unfaithful. The play consists of jealousy, heartbreak,…

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  • Honor Thy Father Analysis

    “Ano ang hindi mo gagawin para sa kanya?” a tagline from the movie entitled Honor Thy Father. This tagline means “what can you not do for him?” which is a really a rhetorical question when it pertains to your family. Honor thy Father is a Filipino film with a genre of crime, drama and thriller. It was mainly all about a family that wants to get by to their lives and lately experienced lots of tragedy as they entered the ponzi scheme that is owned by the father of Edgar’s (Cruz) wife, Kaye…

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