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  • Machiavellian Villainss In Shakespeare's Othello

    Machiavellian villains are notorious for preying upon their victims until they accomplish their goal. In Othello, William Shakespeare uses Iago’s manipulation of Othello as an example of what Machiavellian villains do to their victims. Iago is a classic example of a Machiavellian villain, as he continues to manipulate Othello and turn him against his friends. Ultimately Iago is able to turn him against his wife, at which point Othello turns on himself by committing suicide. As presented in…

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  • The Themes Of Manipulation In Othello By William Shakespeare

    The Othello image 1, is the best image to represent the themes of manipulation in the play Othello by William Shakespeare. Iago manipulates Othello into believing Desdemona is cheating on him with Michael Cassio. Iago is in the background, making sure everything goes in the way he wants it. Even though Othello is the protagonist, without Iago the play would not have moved forward in the way that it does. Iago manipulates Othello in believing that his wife, Desdemona is cheating on him with…

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  • Importance Of Power In Othello

    Power is a concept that is different from control for without power there is no control. In Shakespeare’s Othello, Shakespeare shows the impact of both on relationships with an awareness of the roles of race and gender. Power can be executed in different ways and often derives from reputation or privilege which affects the sense of control a person has. Shakespeare explores the significance of both power and control to a great extent through the relationships of Iago and Emilia, Iago and Othello…

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  • Theme Of Struggle In The Drawer Boy

    Every good play has several themes that add depth and meaning to it. The playwright Michael Healey exemplified the use of many themes in his play, “The Drawer Boy.” The play has many dimensions, each adding a significant and entertaining purpose, which make the script very interesting and exciting to read. Of the many demonstrated, the universal theme of struggle is clearly evident through the play and The Drawer Boy would not be the same without this important element. The theme of struggle and…

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  • Influence Of R & B Music

    The One and Only. Michael Jackson had his humble beginnings as a member of the band The Jackson 5, before he eventually began his solo career. His slick dance moves and voice like silk are two of the many attributes Michael had that many will never forget. From ballads like “Heal the World” and “Human Nature” to funky dance hits like “Thriller” and “Billie Jean,” Michael always knew how to work a crowd. He had the ability to put anyone who would…

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  • Sinister Themes In Othello

    When one hears the name Shakespeare, what comes to mind? A playwright and a poet, love or death? Possibly both. That timeless tale of star-crossed lovers, Rome and Juliet. Shakespeare might be dead, but his stories and characters are still very much alive. “Shakespeare, after all, has long enjoyed more prestige than any other English–language author” (Evans). One of Shakespeare’s most widely known Plays, Othello has been remade into movies, and some T.V shows have even taken to borrowing similar…

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  • Gallimard's Character In Pride And The Pursuit Of Happiness

    The act contains racial and gender differences between the actors’ personalities, the dimension in which the portrait exemplifies each of the story character demonstrates that Gallimard is a French diplomatic man, in which for his political power he can perform at his own pleasure, having consequently an ethical failure. His personality is not the typical Westermann, he does not feel bigheaded, and aggressive with the opposite sex, however, his political colleagues persuaded him by the…

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  • Much Ado About Nothing Gender Analysis

    The term “honour” is defined as “high respect, esteem or reverence, accorded to exalted worth or rank” (Green lecture). The concept of honour plays a very important role in the William Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado About Nothing. As the play progresses, one begins to discover that the concept of honour and how one goes about defending one’s honour differs substantially between genders and thus, honour is “gendered” (Green lecture). Therefore, through analysis of the play, this essay will discuss…

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  • Monster Energy Drinks

    The global team of athletes sponsored by Monster Energy, the caffeinated-beverage company, is a roster of super bros. Conor McGregor, of Ireland, is a densely tattooed mixed-martial-arts champion who trained in Tae Kwon Do, karate, capoeira, and kickboxing while working as a plumber, prior to turning pro in M.M.A. Tom Schaar, of Malibu, became, at the age of twelve, the first person to land a 1080-degree airborne rotation on a skateboard, and was the youngest-ever gold medalist at the X Games,…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Identity Crushes Essay

    Romeo and Juliet Identity Crushes Shakespeare uses both romantic crushes and identity crushes in plays. These romantic crushes and identity crushes are shown multiple times through Romeo and Juliet. Most examples of these crushes are shown mainly through large events in the plays. Examples of such would be Romeo and Juliet dying as a result of their love and Friar Lawrence telling Juliet to take a poison and she does so because she looks up to Friar Lawrence. Identity crushes and romantic…

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