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  • Saint Michael The Archangel Analysis

    Saint Michael the Archangel is the largest single piece of Byzantine statue made of ivory that still stands. This art piece was made during the 6th century, in Constantinople. This piece of art is classical style, it has a large panel which is interesting because…

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  • Islam: The Role Of Jinns In Islam

    The devil, Satan, Iblis, is known by many names. In the Christian faith he is called Satan, while in Islam he is referred to in various places as Iblis, or Shaytaan in other places. Satan/Iblis, is mainly first introduced to us in the story of Adam and Eve in both the Christian faith and Islam. He is the first disobeyer to God and thus represents the rebellion against God and the path of the wrongdoers. In Islam, it was mentioned that Iblis is a member of a type of God’s creatures called “Jinn”.…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Substance Abuse

    When I first decided to go back to school in 2013, I wanted to work in the substance abuse field. Due to my personal experience with opiate addiction, I knew that I could help a population of people who needed it the most. Half way through my Associate degree, I lost Cody, who was someone I loved very, much to a heroin overdose. Everyone I worked with was him and I saw him in every client. When the grief and the confusion lifted, I knew that working with addiction so directly, was now too close…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Story Of Playing Basketball

    Flowing cherry blossom petals are telling the end of spring. I was a middle school student in Japan who did not have any interest in playing sports. It was about lunch time, and everyone was eating lunch. I was eating my lunch and thinking what I am going to do for the rest of the lunch time. After I ate my lunch, I begun to walk around the campus of Oyaba middle school, the school that I spent two years of my precious adolescence, and I saw my friends, Shugo and Takumi, playing basketball at…

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  • Iago Psychopath Analysis

    In Shakespeare’s play Othello, the character Iago is a psychopath. This can be determined by the number of characteristics he shares with those who are clinically defined as psychopaths. Firstly, Iago is extremely manipulative, finding every way possible to use and twist people to his own advantage. He is also very selfish-helping and caring only about himself. Most importantly, Iago’s aptitude for insincere speech is his main asset, as he craftily uses it in every situation. To understand why…

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  • White Angel Theme Analysis

    In the story “White Angel,” by Michael Cunningham, love and death is widespread, and it follows the story of two brothers - a nine-year old narrator, Bobby Morrow and his sixteen year old brother, Carlton. Both brothers are outgoing, and they have a strong relationship together. Cunningham uses both point of views and symbols to promote the theme.The Morrow’s house, which borders the cemetery becomes the symbol of both love and death. Bobby and Carlton often visits the cemetery to smoke…

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  • Male Fear Of Female Sexuality In Shakespeare's Othello

    This situation aggravates Othello and transforms him into an insecure man. He feels inferior to Michael Cassio; the man that his wife has supposedly cheated on him with. Cassio is a white Venetian man, whereas Othello is referred to as “an old black ram” (1.1.97) by Iago. Othello is an old man of color whereas Cassio is young, fair and charming. Cassio…

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  • The Pitfalls Of Deception In William Shakespeare's Othello

    The pitfalls of jealousy can cause deception in two ways; not only can it obscure someone’s vision, as in the expression “blinded by jealousy,” but it also can lead them to deceive others. “O, sir, content you; I follow him to serve my turn upon him: we cannot all be masters, nor all masters cannot be truly follow’d. You shall mark many a duteous and knee-crooking knave, that, doting on his own obsequious bondage, wears out his time, much like his master’s ass, for nought but provender, and…

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  • What Was The Elimination Of Revolitionary Left Movement?

    the Brigada Exterior, which was described as ‘DINA operatives who conduction traditional intelligence opperations in foreign countries’ (Kornbluh 187). The Brigada Exterior acted beyond the borders of Chile through international DINA agents like Michael Townley. Townley was an American citisen born in Waterloo, Iowa (Kornbluh 167) although his background being American Augusto Pinochet and his regime heavily influenced him as he spent quite a bit of his life as an expatriate kid in Chile.…

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  • Review: The Hidden Persuaders

    Although there tactics may not be as damaging to the human body it still has a way of emptying people’s wallets and disclosing the truth behind their food items. Michael Pollan a Cornell scientists describes his experience with organic food saying “ everything was pretty good, except for the six dollar bunch of asparagus, which had been grown in Argentina, air freighted six thousand miles to the States and immured…in…

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