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  • Role Of Creatinine And Atp

    Introduction: The roles of ATP and creatine in muscle contraction The store of ATP in muscle tissue is limited even though it is the immediate source of energy for everything we do including muscle contraction. The cellular ATP needs to be regenerated from ADP quickly in order to keep the contraction going otherwise the vertebrate muscle contraction will use up the present ATP in 1 second. Fortunately, most cell has a high rate of ATP “turnover” which means ATP can be swiftly synthesised from…

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  • Artemia And The Low Protein-Based Diet

    in the study on pigs performed by Bunger et al. (2015). However, on trend in our society, humans have been eating significantly larger proportions of high saturated fats and carbohydrates. Well-balanced diets are essential for maintaining a good metabolism and keeping healthy, and this is proven in our study conducted on Artemia. The Artemia fed with the low energy diet visibly showed signs of less activity, and the lower rate of length-specific oxygen consumption demonstrated a lower rate of…

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  • High Protein Foods Research Paper

    In essence, hormone IGF-1 action increases from the intake of more proteins. This hormone is a major regulator of bone metabolism. Amino acids gotten from the proteins are used to build bones thus strengthening the bones. Bone density is also increased and the risk of osteoporosis occurring decreased. You will still benefits in terms of brain power. Most high protein foods…

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  • College Essay About Food Choices

    In United States, the easy acquisition of grocery products make our food choice easier than at any other country in the world. Our food choices depend mostly on taste, price, and convenience. However, cost and savings are what as a consumer drive my preferences more. The food that I have ingest in these three random days can be found at any Latin supermarket in Miami. The fruits, meats, poultry, dairies, cereals, and other selections are greatly what any Latin - American usually consume. Monday…

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  • Catalase Experiment

    The effect of altering temperature on the rate of liver enzyme activity is measured in this experiment to be able to visualize how temperature in the environment and in the body can manipulate the rate of enzyme activity. Enzymes are protein catalysts that lower the amount of activation energy required to start a biochemical reaction. According to Dr. Meyertholen (2015), enzymes are structured to work with certain substrates, meaning that the structure determines the function of the enzyme. If…

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  • Cell Signaling And Cell Transduction Essay

    signaling and signal transduction. Each cell in a multicellular animal is bombarded with chemical signals that are made by other cells and this is how communication occurs at cells level by different signaling molecule. Signals that regulate cell metabolism, alter or maintain its differentiated state, determine whether it should divide, and dictate whether it will live or die. The word “signals” in this context refers to nothing more than chemical molecules that are floating around the cells. …

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  • Old Age Research Paper

    Nutritional requirement in Old Age / Geriatric Nutrition Human biological growth and decline extent over the entire life span. Throughout life all experiences make their imprint on individual genetic heritage. The general process of senescence affects all older adults. Although the biological changes in aging are general, each person is unique and people show a wide variety of individual responses individuals’ age at different rates and in different ways, depending on their genetic heritage heir…

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  • Successful Eating Makes People Fat

    Whether you’re a kid playing tag or an Olympic gold medal swimmer, you have probably exercised or played a sport during your lifetime. If you’re like me, you have probably gone home from a workout and binge eaten everything since you earned it. You’ll just have to work out extra hard tomorrow and everything will okay right? Well, it probably wasn’t the best decision to binge eat everything. Even Michael Phelps, Olympic gold medal swimmer, picks and chooses wisely what his 12,000 calorie diet…

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  • Benefits Of Gelatin Essay

    of amino acids makes the digestive system work hard .This in turn lead to high metabolic rates. By boosting your metabolism gelatin help create and ensure good health of the joint and muscle. Gelatin foods are also highly nutritious and have a positive impact to your health. Gelatin also regulate insulin, insulin is responsible for blood sugar regulation. Anytime you want high metabolism rate, gelatin offers the solution 5. Remedy for arthritis Arthritis limits our movements. Aching joints gets…

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  • Essay On Why People Fail At Diets

    #1 Reason Why People Fail at Diets People fail at diets because they can’t maintain the change. The old habits of binge eating, drinking sugary drinks, chips, cakes, sweets and usually nonvegetable snacks cannot be easily shaken after years of ingrained practice. The Atkins diet is a good example of this in a much shorter duration. In a nutshell, the diet is very rigid in carb restriction, especially in the first two weeks of the program. Yes, you certainly lose weight but it can’t be maintained…

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