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  • Alfred The Great Claim To Be King Essay

    controlled on a geographical scale as well as social. We have to consider these factors whilst making a well rounded judgement on whether they could claim to be kings of all England. The only King I feel comfortable in supporting of that claim is King Edgar, who enjoyed unwavering authority on a greater extent compared to the others. When considering the claim to legitimacy and who issued them, Edgar’s coronation in 973 is a symbolic event as he was the first Saxon king to be crowned as ‘the king of all English’ rather than label themselves that without ceremony. This already makes Edgar’s claim more valid, as it shows this title was recognized by the clergy that crowned him, and the people under his rule (which included Northumbria and Mercia.) Furthermore, this event hold much symbolism and shows the attitudes towards Edgar, and therefore his authority. In the ‘Chronicon ex chronicis’ it accounts that after eight kings swore fealty to Edgar at Chester, including the king of Scotland and the king of Northumbria, they then rowed him along the river Dee as a show of Edgar’s superiority. Most notably, it is mentioned that Edgar simply steered the boat whilst the rest did his bidding and plied the oars which highlights how unique Edgar is compared to other kings, and is a sign of complete submission. It is especially telling that stories of such symbolism do not surround Edward despite his supposed submission of the Scottish, Strathclyde and York kings or Aethelstan…

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  • Fitzhugh On The Vikings Summary

    One of the fascinating times in European history occurs during the age of the Vikings, which were between the 8th century and the 10th century. There are several different articles that possess different ideas on how the Vikings acted. For example, one article that views the Vikings as harsh and horrific human beings is titled Lindisfarne, which talks about how the Vikings raided a town in current-day England (Lindisfarne). Another example includes a NOVA interview with William Fitzhugh, an…

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  • Anglo Saxon Research Paper

    They believed in many gods and had many superstitions. The king of the Anglo-Saxon god was Woden. Some other gods include; Thunor, god of thunder, Frige, goddess of love, and Tiw, god of war. Some of the superstitions the Anglo-Saxons believed in included lucky charms. For example, they believed that rhymes, potions, stones and jewels would protect them from evil spirits or sickness. As time went on the Anglo-Saxons eventually converted to Christianity. Due to the fact that the Anglo-Saxons…

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  • Why Did Vikings Start Raiding

    great wealth and left hastily. Even after the death of Charlemagne the Vikings kept on raided for wealth. Conquest of the British Isles After the death of Louis the Pious in 840 CE, Emperor of Frankia, his son Lothar invited the support of a Viking fleet in a power struggle with brothers. The Vikings realized that Frankish rulers were willing to pay them with large sums to prevent them from attacking again, this made Frankia an irresistible target for further Viking raids. In the following…

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  • The Role Of Women In The Early Middle Ages?

    immense pressure from the Saxons to submit to the rule of their Anglo-Scandinavian neighbours in Wessex. (Burghart, 2016) In about 879, Aethelred, the new leader of the remaining Mercians, chose to submit to King Alfred of Wessex. To cement this new alliance, Alfred agreed to give his eldest daughter, Aethelflaed to Aethelred in marriage. (Johnson, n.d.) Aethelfaeld joined her husband and her father, King Alfred in fighting against Danish invaders. In 911 Aethelred was killed in battle with the…

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  • Psalms 13 Imperialism

    the Cape of Good Hope. We made a few stops along the way and there was more great scenery of South Africa. We got to see a wide variety of animals including ostriches, baboons, and African Penguins. At Table Mountain National Park, we climbed up the hill towards the light house at the top and from there we could see where the Indian Ocean met the Atlantic Ocean. Then, we hurried to see the African Penguins at the reserve and they were a lot of fun to see. For dinner we had a group meal and I ate…

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  • Women In The Epic Of Beowulf

    How where women perceived back in the mid eight centuries? The pome of “Beowulf” was expected to be written mid eight centuries but some scholars are to believe the tenth century. The original manuscripts where destroyed in a fire in 1731. With the original being destroyed there is no provenance to the original tittle or author of the pome. With the fire the pome lost may lines (Greenblatt & Abrams). With the pomes author not being know the author is known as the Beowulf poet. Though it was…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Bernie Sanders's Speech

    people around the world. Hopefully, more and more people will hear it and start to realize that if people work together things could be accomplished. In conclusion, Bernie Sanders’ purpose was to provide evidence supporting the idea that the United States has no other choice but to improve the economy or they could be heading towards the next Great Depression. Bernie Sanders incorporated all three rhetorical appeals in his speech with each role having its own effect on the economy. By using all…

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  • The Importance Of Medieval Castles

    was completely renovated to a gothic style. The castle is now still a home to the Pearcy family you may also recognize the beautiful castle in a number of movies including, many Harry Potter movies, Downtown Abbey, Robin Hood prince of thieves, Beckett, and many more. The Warwick castle has bloody history rich in betrayal mystery and murder and has been a fortification for 2,000 years. The warwick castle began as just a fort built by the romans in 79 AD! After the romans leave britain the…

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  • The True Meaning Of A Vikings: Who Were The Vikings

    view, youngsters of the Vikings continued to have major influence in areas such as northern Europe. Similarly, King Harold Godwinson, who was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, amazingly had Danish ancestors. Two Vikings even managed to have ascended to the throne of England, with Sweyn Forkbeard owning the English throne from 1013 to 1014 and his son Cnut the Great became the king of England in the date of 1016 till 1035. Geographically speaking, the Viking Age may not be assigned to…

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