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  • Examined Lives Today

    Examined Lives Today Arête, excellence, the best possible state of the soul. What kind of attributes does one consider when questioned about the excellence of something? One noticeably valuable and monumental characteristic of arête is religion and what it means to be religious. For this interview I chose to examine my mother, Sandy, knowing she would have the capability to produce knowledgeable answers relating to the means of being religious and the potential connections they have to…

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  • Socrates Approach To Virtue

    Introduction Going through the Meno, which begins with the query can distinctive feature study. Socrates in his communique with Meno to begin with comes to the conclusion that virtue is a kind of information and that as understanding it may be trained. However, then he rejects the view that virtue may be taught, due to the fact there are no instructors of distinctive feature (93a-94e). probably anybody may be a teacher of virtue, if we take severely Protagoras ' notable Speech in Plato 's…

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  • Socrates Virtue Should Not Be Taught

    In this paper I will argue that Socrates’s claim at 96c-d of the Meno that virtue cannot be taught because there are no teachers of virtue is not valid. Specifically, I will show Socrates reasoning and claim as to why there are no teachers of virtue, which means virtue cannot be taught. Then I will demonstrate why Socrates’s reasoning is false due to a missed detail in his argument. I conclude Socrates’s reasoning behind his arguments are mostly logical and sound, however he made the mistake of…

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  • Socrates Legacy

    It is difficult to overstate the significance of Socrates, the historical figure. In one respect, Socrates can be viewed as the founder of critical thinking, as those who wrote about his life depicted Socrates questioning individuals’ presuppositions. German political philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel takes this reverence of Socrates a step further, crediting Socrates not only with the advent of critical thinking, but also with the revelation of “subjective consciousness”. According to…

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  • A Turning-Point In Plato's 'Ion'

    for this paper is that they heavily rely on mathematics for the source of the example (Roochnik, p. 548). In Elenchus and Mathematics: A Turning-Point in Plato 's Philosophical Development, Vlastos gives a translated version of a section of Plato 's Meno: By 'investigating from a hypothesis ' I refer to the way the geometricians frequently investigate. When they are asked, for example, as regards a given area, whether it is possible for this area to be inscribed in the form of a triangle in a…

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  • Socrates Knowledge Vs True Opinion Analysis

    Meno asks Socrates why knowledge is prized far more than true opinion. To answer this, Socrates tells Meno that true opinion becomes knowledge through thought and recollection of what is true. Thus, true opinion is an unjustified belief while knowledge is a justified belief. So knowledge, in being justified, is more valuable than opinion. But what makes knowledge justified and what is justification? Socrates claims that true opinion becomes knowledge when one provides a reason for why the…

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  • The Existence Of God Analysis

    During this class, which took longer than anticipated, because of unforeseen events, but overall, I enjoyed learning about those philosophers who questioned the norm and sought better understanding. Among those people early on in civilization, life must have been simple, because of a vague understanding of our natural world or any other supernatural questions. Today we can attribute many of our beliefs, customs, and traditions to these people who influenced religion and philosophy. Certainly,…

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  • Sao Paulo Problems

    metropolis - skyscrapers, traffic jams, slums, pollution, and noise. But there is also a certain kind of charm in the residents of the city (called Paulistanos) that somehow makes these problems seem less imposing. Taxi drivers are honest {mais ou menos), waiters gracious, and shopgirls - always pretty - remain irrepressibly helpful. Finally, it's home to the largest industrial complex in Latin America and accounts for about half of Brazil's federal taxes. Whatever is modern in Brazil can be…

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  • Talented Tenth Summary

    nto militant activism causing damage to public property and the white society. According to Gaines, the black elitism was at the cost of the white elitism, that the stability of the black intellectualism lies on the transformation from agitator to academic (Pulte 1-21). However, from the authors perspective, the theory of the Talented Tenth should have been able to establish injunctions of confronting the two harsh realities of white racism and the failures of the black society to curb the issue…

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  • Can Virtue Be Taught Essay

    philosophers for ages. It is a hard question to answer since we do not know what the true definition of virtue is. Socrates attempts to define virtue as knowledge, and if one is knowledgeable they will do the right thing without much effort (Plato, Meno). After time the meaning of virtue has changed. Today one could define virtue as being morally good. In my paper, I will argue that virtue can be taught to those who are willing to change. Although those who oppose the teaching of virtue believe…

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