Membrane biology

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  • Nature And Nurture Arguments

    down genetically; psychological approaches will argue that behavior is learned throughout one’s lifetime. The debate between nature and nurture has been going on for decades now. There are many different approaches to this problem; biology, psychology, philosophy and other studies will provide different theories and sets of evidence showing that behavior is either directly influenced by environmental conditions, or entirely inherited through genetic traits. These arguments both…

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  • The Four Forces Of Evolution

    The first of the four forces of evolution is genetic drift. Genetic drift is a random occurrence among species and is a way in which specific individuals' genetics will carry over into the next generation gene pool. This process happens when a species' alleles randomly change frequencies. This happens to the point where a gene is either no longer represented in the gene pool or is the entire representation of the gene pool (more likely with a smaller population). The second of the four forces of…

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  • Ecology Of A Mealworm Essay

    What is ecology? Ecology is the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment is a part of ecology called an ecosystem. If one thing changed in the ecosystem it will change the whole thing, because in an ecosystem you have to way in things like transfer of energy or whether it is too hot or too cold for the living organism. Ecology is basically a study…

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  • Persuasive Essay: We Are Animals In The Scientific World

    Ahmed Ibtida Class 841 Aren’t animals like humans? They carry out all the steps of a living organism, and they feel the pain that surrounds them. So, shouldn’t they be given the chance to govern by themselves, without the distraction from humans? A better question to consider is that are we humans really all that different if we are also considered animals in the scientific world. It doesn’t come to our mind that in the animal world, there are no classes or beings inferior or superior to one…

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  • Gaia Theory

    Published in 1965 by James Lovelock, the Gaia Hypothesis proposes that organism’s interact with their inorganic surrounding on Earth to form a complex, self-regulating system that maintains the conditions of life on the planet. The theory has sparked religious, philosophical reflection, and challenged assumptions about the evolution, and the importance of humans in determining environmental change, and the relationship between life and the environment. In this essay I will be exploring and…

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  • Robert Hooke: Cell Biologist

    Robert Hooke was a smart scientist who discovered lots of rules and things that are still used around today.Robert Hooke’s main 2 discoveries were the force of springs and microscopes. Hooke was an english philosopher, architect, and polymath. He discovered the cell walls using microscopes. His discoveries has really helped the world today and will continue to help the future. Body Paragraph 1: This paragraph will be about your Cell Biologist’s personal life, and life as a scientist. Robert…

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  • Science Have Changed Genes Over Time Essay

    Evolution is a change in allele frequency in a population over time. This is the passing of genes from one parent to children. This is not the same thought process that people lean toward. People tend to think of evolution as people evolving from monkeys over time. It is a change in a species over time. Evolution is a change in allele of species over time. An individual carries multiple traits from their parents allowing them to pass these genetics down to their children. This is the theory of…

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  • The Effects Of Deforestation

    The earth is just a combination of uniqueness and also it is comprised of a perfect mechanism. Every individual creation or place is in synced but it is weak and it can easily be destroyed as long as one part is extinct. In nowadays, there are only a few lands remained untouched, however, one of them is Mongolian territory. Therefore, it has been truly becoming comfort and safe environment for wild animals and plants, especially for rare species. Although last few decades, all these creation of…

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  • How Scientists Study Evolution Essay

    structures of animals that have changed and adapted to survive and scientists compare the structures to unrelated species which is a useful way to back up evidence of evolution. Another way scientist study their work is, Homology, which is about the biology, it is about the development of different kinds of species based upon their common evolutionary ancestor. Scientist look at similar structures and functions of different species, for example a bats wings, human’s arm, whale’s flipper and…

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  • James Hutton And Charles Lyell And The Theory Of Evolution

    When we look at living individuals today, there are at least a million differences amongst them, and yet there are multiple similarities. No living individual is the same as they were a year ago. It is known that many significant individuals have looked for answers of possibly why this has occurred, and is still occurring. Despite the various approaches from multiple fields of study, there has always been a connection between the studies conducted; evolution. From physical attributes to one’s…

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