Membrane biology

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  • Goldfish Respiration Experiment

    Respiration Rate Analysis on Goldfish While Being Exposed to Varying Water Temperatures Avarie Wideman, Bronwyn Edgell, Brooke Farrell, Shannon Porter & Emma Milne 1 Uxbridge Secondary School, Uxbridge, Canada ________________________________________ Results After completing the goldfish respiration experiment we were left with an abundance of data that has lead us to these results. Through the experiment we have discovered that the goldfish's respiration is affected when exposed to extreme…

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  • The Robot's Rebellion Book Review

    In the animal kingdom species survive through natural selection, meaning they must adapt and pass upon the information to next generations to ensure the survival of a species. Humans, like all organisms, have complex mental modules that evolved to keep the genes from extinction. This concept is explored in Keith E. Stanovich book, The Robot's Rebellion: Finding Meaning in the Age of Darwin. Stanovich refers to the concept that humans are merely robots created by our genes to protect them and to…

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  • Biomedical Science Case Study

    Being a curious person with some little knowledge of biology I have always been interested in the human body and always wanted to know how the complex mechanism of the human body works to enable an individual function properly from simple cells combining together to form tissues, organs and then an entire human body. Further my curiosity lead me to interlude upon the term Biomedical Sciences, and on searching more I was able to understand its benefits as a career as it is certainly a constantly…

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  • The Different Factors And Causes Of Genetic Diversity

    1. Genetic Diversity: The most important and pivotal element in biodiversity is the Genetic diversity (Gaston, 1996; Mallet, 1996). The “fine scale” level of biodiversity is measure in the multiplicity of expressed genes or meticulous featured attribute in the midst of organisms (Williams et al, 1996). Genetic diversity denotes the peculiarity within species in the purposeful units of heredity existing in any plant, animal, microbial or any other source of life. However as a crucial unit for…

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  • Importance Of Loss Of Biodiversity Essay

    Rudraksh Kapil Topic Area: Biodiversity Loss of biodiversity: what are the causes and what can we do? Biodiversity is the variety of all forms of life on Earth - plants, animals and microorganisms. Biodiversity refers to: Species; Variations within species; and interdependence of species. It is interesting to note that only about 1.2 million worldwide species have been identified and catalogued out of a towering total of about 8.7 million, as of August 2011[1]. A range of factors and…

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  • Bird Swarm Algorithm Analysis

    BIRD SWARM ALGORITHM: BSA is a new meta-heuristic swarm intelligence algorithm proposed by Xian-Bing Meng [35] , inspired by social behavior and interaction of birds. Different birds gather food in different ways. Foraging is the searching for food resources or gathering food either for immediate consumption or future storage. Birds forage in flocks because they gather more information in flocks than their own intelligence. Group foraging boost-up the chances of detecting predators. While…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Early Adulthood

    Intro Have you ever questioned why you’re the way you are? Have you ever wondered what makes each person unique from another? Every person is different; therefore, there is an abundance of different perspectives on life, itself. After 18 years, I have found these answers through certain life experiences. Through several different stages of my life, I’ve found answers that I would have never been able to predict. Furthermore, the treacherous journey of life events, I finally have an understanding…

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  • Nature Vs. Nurture In The Other Wess Moore's The Other Wes Moore

    Humans are widely diverse: with a population over seven billion, each containing unique personalities, experiences, beliefs, morals, just how much of a person’s individual humanity can he or she consider their own creation? In the field of psychology, there is a debate called Nature vs. Nurture which considers the effects of environmental and hereditary traits on the development of personality. Despite being perhaps the largest topic in psychology, there has yet to be an accurate answer as to…

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  • Essay On Predator Prey Population Size Relationship

    ADI Predator-Prey Population Size Relationship Lab Report In nature, there are many relationships between organisms. One of these is a predator-prey population size relationship, and more specifically for this investigation, predation. In this relationship, an organism (or organisms) depend(s) on others for food. There is a predator, the hunter, and the prey, the hunted. In this experiment, the predators were the wolves, and the prey were the sheep (the grass could also be considered prey, and…

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  • The Importance Of Genetics

    Genetics are something that everybody has, they are the reason why people look the way they look. Genetics is the review and the variety of acquired attributes that make up new life. Each kid acquires qualities from both of their natural guardians. Some of these qualities might be physical; hair, eye shading or skin hues, and so forth. On the defeat a few qualities may convey certain sicknesses. Every quality is a bit of hereditary data and all DNA in the cell make up the human genome. The…

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