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  • Argumentative Essay: The Fight For Independence Was Right

    The Fight For Independence Was Right There have been some people argue that the United States could possibly have attained its independence gradually and peacefully. They argue that perhaps it could have been like the British colonies like Canada and Australia eventually did. I personally do not believe that we could have achieved our independence or obtained our Constitution or Bill of Rights or our Government in a more gradual and peaceful process. Canada basically became a country after…

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  • Puritans In William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation

    God that e caught hold of the topsail halyards” (Bradford 26). This man was obviously in a lot of danger and depended on God to help him survive (he was probably a Puritan considering he was on the Mayflower as a passenger and the fact that God saved him). During the Puritan’s voyage on the Mayflower, they experienced bad weather and were able to go into Cape Harbor “by God’s good providence” (Bradford 27). After they arrived, they thanked God since they relied on Him to bring them to a safe…

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  • The Role Of Colonization In North America

    Thirteen original colonies that colonized in North America set the standards for what is to be expected of North America. Of the thirteen colonies that settled in America, each one was founded for its own purpose; New Jersey for farming and trade, Rhode Island for separation of church and state, and Virginia for its quest of gold. Virginia became the first successful colony to colonize in America, founded by John Smith in 1607. On the quest for riches and gold, colonists spent most of their time…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Native Americans

    When the land was received, “the settlers wanted control over the Indians and had attempted to convert Indians to Christianity” (After the Mayflower). The Natives were not able to fight back because they knew the Europeans will fight back. Another disadvantage for the Native Americans was that they were still weak. The reason the alliance with the new comers was made was for help, but that had…

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  • The Importance Of Drinking In Albert Einstein's 'Just Wait'

    drank so much beer. In fact, the Mayflower ship that brought colonist over to the new world had more beer aboard the ship than they had water and when they arrived they began making their own beer and wine in the new world. This heavy drinking mindset remained until the late 1800’s. The average American today drinks four alcoholic beverages a week. This number is extremely low compared to the gallons of beer that were consumed by each person every day on the Mayflower ship and the amount of…

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  • Martin Luther The Catalyst Of Reformation

    Religion was very important to the Europeans and the Roman Catholic church was the main religion for awhile till people began to want to question and determine their own understanding lead a division between Roman Catholic and Protestant. Because of Reformation from Henry VIII, Martin Luther’s 95 thesis, and John Calvin doctrines during the 15th and 16th century people in what is known as the Great Migration decided to venture into america that they could freely express their religion and…

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  • My Family Ancestry

    in Arizona for two years and then moved to Michigan. Ironically he lived in Mt. Morris which is not too far from where I live today. I was unable to find out why he moved to North America but I like to think it was similar to that of the Mayflower. In “The Mayflower Compact” (Longman Reader pg.5), it gives a little background information on the settlers. It states that European colonists came to America. It goes on then to describe some of their dreams and aspirations as they came to the new…

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  • 1491 By Charles Mann Analysis

    He notes that in William Bradford’s Plymouth Colony, the settlers would rob Indians in order to survive throughout the harsh winter once they got off of the Mayflower. Diseases brought over by the Europeans also aided in wiping out many of the Native cultures living there as well; before the Mayflower, Europeans had already been exploring the Americas. These diseases would, therefore, have wiped out a vast amount of Indian cultures before many of the colonists ever arrived, skewing…

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  • Mercantilism In 1775

    Economics Up to 1775* Mercantilism is an economic theory and practice that promoted governmental regulations of a nation’s economy. Mercantilism is the economic policy aimed at accumulating monetary reserves through a positive balance of trade, particularly of finished goods. High tariffs, mainly on manufactured goods are a universal feature of mercantilist policy. There was much emphasis on money was succeeded by industrial policy. Mercantilism encouraged many European wars as well fueling…

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  • Syrian Civil War Research Paper

    The ongoing civil war in Syria has disrupted life for many Syrian families, innocent bystanders caught amidst the bloodshed. Since the start of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 millions of Syrians have become dislocated and impoverished, turning to Western powers for aid and shelter. Their requests, however, have been muted by recent acts of violence perpetrated by Muslim radicals, cries of bigotry from Western peoples, and reluctance from politicians who associate Syrians with terrorists and…

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