Mathematical sociology

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  • Bourdieu's Importance Of Reflexivity

    objectifying gaze upon themselves and become aware of the hidden assumptions that structure their research. Without this reflexive move, sociology cannot escape the ‘fallacies of scholasticism’ and loses its chances to provide a truly scientific analysis of the social…

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  • The Importance Of Friendship In The Serpent King

    In order to prove how similarity influences friendships, it is critical to ensure that most friends are similar. There is no mathematical formula or accepted list of criteria for friendship formation. Put simply, just because two people are friends doesn’t necessarily mean they are similar. In fact, most people would probably agree that many friends are strikingly different from one another yet get along just as well as those who are similar. However, Dr. James Fowler, the well-known, widely…

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  • The Philadelphia Negro Analysis

    The Philadelphia Negro is a study of society among African American people in Philadelphia written by W.E.B Du Bois and published in 1899 by the University of Pennsylvania Press. It is the first sociological case study of the black community. Du Bois, the author of the Philadelphia Negro was a great African American writer, sociologist, teacher, and protest leader. He was born in 1868 in Massachusetts and died in 1963 at age 95. However, Du Bois’s great works remain forever. He live in Great…

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  • Synoptic Planning Case Study

    Planning theory developed from a range of disciplines. It borrows ideas from economics, sociology, political science, psychology and geography. From these disciplines, planning has adopted ideas which are applied to the planning process to arrive at normative prescriptions of how planning is to be done. According to Alexander, planning practice needs a theory of what planning is or should be, and theory provides scientific explanation and description of facts. Planning used to be viewed as an…

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  • The Plague Dbq Essay

    The Bubonic Plague was one of the single most devastating events of the medieval era. The Plague, also called "Black Death" is suspected to have originated in China and the far east, coming to Europe during the late 1340 's and early 1350 's by way of shipping and trade routes. By the time the plague had abated, almost half of Europe 's population had been killed by this deadly disease. The results of the plague was extremely damaging not just to the population of Europe, but to the basis of…

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  • Gender Discrimination In Latin America

    Similar to Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz when she claims she would dress as a boy to attend the university. You see here that it is necessary for girls to find ways to alternate gender to be accepted. Ruth, owner of Illusion salon was kidnapped by traffickers as rumor tells in the story. Ruth would not be the only to be kidnapped by traffickers in the village. Paula, one of Ladydi’s friends in the village is describe as the most beautiful thing in all of Mexico by Clements. She to also is captured…

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  • Anton Chekhov's Roles Between Male And Women In The 19th Century

    Margaret Thatcher once said, “In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” The roles between male and female have been sensitive topic; however, Anton Chekhov in the 19th century never shied away from it. Chekhov always talked about social issues in his stories and the current situation in the 19th century. He addresses the social issues while adhering it and challenging them. Chekhov does all this without persuading his reader’s views, but…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Teenagers

    Technology and lack of personal interaction in teens Technology is everywhere we look, technology has filled our homes, workplaces and our children’s schools. The world is drastically different for our children than it was for us growing up. A study by the International center for media and the public agenda (ICMPA) found that “most children and teens spend 75 percent of their waking lives with their eyes fixed on a screen.” Seventy five percent, how do they have time for anything else? The…

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  • The Patriarchy In Marge Piercy's A Work Of Artifice

    Women in today’s society are a lot freer than they used to be. That isn’t to say they are completely free of the patriarchy, however they have a lot more freedoms, and less stress on how they should behave. In Marge Piercy’s “A Work of Artifice,” the author uses the continuous metaphor of a bonsai tree to represent women in a patriarchal society, and how they are treated in areas such as” their looks, their intelligence, and their actions. In terms of looks, women have had the most stress put…

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  • Functional, Conflict, And Sociological Perspectives Of Social Institutions

    the structural functional, conflict and symbolic interactionist perspectives. In this essay I will focus on the opposing macro level perspectives, structural functionalism and conflict theory. According to the structural functional perspective of sociology, these social institutions work together to keep society stable…

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