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  • Holiday As Christmas Satire

    Satirical Article Analysis In the article, “It’s A Sad State Of Affairs When We Can’t Even Refer To Every Holiday As Christmas”, Gerald Crump argues that America has went down the drain with political correctness and inclusivity, by taking away the ability to say, “Merry Christmas”, on any given holiday without being shunned for doing so. Crump’s real statement is for the people who find it hard to say, “Happy Holidays”, which is mainly directed at Christians who are offended and feel their…

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  • Essay On Reformation Pros And Cons

    politically affected by the Reformation, which was instilled in the sixteenth century. The Catholic Church was reformed in Germany in Western Europe, then to other parts of and later to other parts of the world. This move was initiated officially by Martin Luther in 1517, who challenged the church of Roman for selling indulgences. Martin’s initiative occurred when he discussed his disappointments by posting ninety-five theses and directing them to the church authorities. The church was excluded…

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  • Bartolome De Las Cas Analysis

    Primary Analysis over Bartolome de Las Casas Bartolome de Las Cases is a Dominican priest who wishes to protect the Indians of the New World from the brutality afflicted on them from the Spanish. Las Cases sailed to the New World in 1502 and stayed till 1547 before returning to Spain. In this time, he saw the cruelty his nation laid upon the natives in the name of Christianity. When he came back to Spain, he took up the defense of the Indians in a series of debates from 1550-1551 and a year…

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  • Charles V's Failure Essay

    An example of a reason as to why Charles V thought that he had failed at the end of his reign may have been the growth of Protestant Lutheranism in Germany. This growth led to distrust between Charles the Emperor of much of the Catholic world and German princes who had turned to Protestantism as the alternative to Catholicism. A clear criticism of Charles can be seen in the writing of William Robertson, ‘To check the growth of these evils (Protestantism) , and to punish such as had impiously…

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  • Comparison Of Bureaucracy In Catch-22 And Apocalypse Now

    How is the futility and hypocrisy of war and bureaucracy explored by Joseph Heller and Francis Ford Coppola in Catch-22 and Apocalypse Now respectively? Catch-22 authored by Joseph Heller and Apocalypse Now directed by Francis Ford Coppola are critically considered two of the finest examples of contemporary anti-war literature and cinema, despite neither being explicitly against the concept of combat as such, but rather, both opposing the bureaucratic absurdity that war inevitably entails.…

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  • Essay On Protestant Reformation

    When Martin Luther King said “Against this first wall, we will direct our attack”, he was referring to the Three Walls of Romanists in his Ninety-Five thesis against the Catholic Church, not a physical attack. However, Luther’s thesis would trigger the Protestant Reformation which would come to have violent ramifications all over Europe, which brings us to my thesis. Does religion incite or cause conflict? Both warfare and religion are large and diverse subjects, so this essay will look at…

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  • Martin Luther And John Calvin Essay

    many disagreements between people, especially when it came to religion. These disagreements can lead to a wide variety of things, whether it be war, compromise, or just flat out tension. In one of the bigger disputes of religion in European history, Martin Luther and John Calvin vs. the Catholic Church, there was no clear winner or loser towards the beginning, once the two men proposed their ideas of why the Catholic Church wasn’t to be followed blindly. Their unique ideas opened the eyes of the…

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  • Religion In The 1500s

    Popes consent for dispensation, King henry was then denied divorce. After this King Henry was exposed to the writings of one William Tyndale (1494-1536) Whom had completed many works such as a Bible translation from Latin to English and much like Martin Luther had followed on and had created writings critiquing the church. Tyndale notes about how he thinks society should sweep away the powers of the earthly church and get back to people worshipping god. These writings had swayed King Henry to…

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  • The Themes Of Alienation In Soldier's Home By Harold Hemingway

    After experiencing the violence of war, it is difficult for a soldier to readjust back into society causing alienation and a strain to return home both physically and emotionally. In Hemingway’s short story, “Soldier’s Home” the main character Harold Krebs lies, is incapable of love and he struggles to readapt to his family and community. Krebs is a different person than before the war and eventually accepts the idea that he can never really go home. Hemingway illustrates the…

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  • Interpersonal Conflict In The Movie Crash

    The movie that I chose to do this week assignment on is called “Crash” directed by P. Haggis in 2004. Once I started watching this movie I realized that it was one that I had seen before and thought was a really good movie with a wonderful meaning at the end. This movie won three Oscars in 2005 for best picture, best original screenplay, and best editing. In this week assignment we are to pick an interpersonal conflict in the movie we chose to watch. In Crash there were lots of interpersonal…

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