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  • Cleopatra Title Analysis

    Analyse the reasons behind Cleopatra’s title of ‘The Most Famous Woman of Classical Antiquity’ Introduction: Cleopatra grew up in the world of foreign and political struggles, allowing her to develop skills to rule Egypt independently. Cleopatra 's exile and Egypt 's foreign and political struggles lead her to meet two of the most powerful generals/leaders in her time - Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, resulting in her being the most famous woman of classical antiquity. This eventually…

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  • Theme Of Villainy In Huckleberry Finn

    be defined as a person who commits evil acts or wrongdoings, and sometimes certain villains are not as obvious as others.Twain uses social commentary to analyze these characters. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a satirical work of fiction by Mark Twain, Twain uses villainy through multiple characters to bring light to the character of Huck Finn. Pap, as a horrible drunk and an equally as terrible father, provides a notable contrast to Huck. Pap is furious and extremely jealous that Huck…

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  • Backlash In Huck Finn

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was first published on December 10th, 1884. Witten by Mark Twain as a novel and known by others an American classic This book has dealt with a lot of backlash.In this essay I will address how two people could view this book differently all bacuse of the N-Word. Here is a little backstory of the book In this book, we have the main characters, Huckleberry Finn, Jim and Tom Sawyer. Tom is Huck’s best friend and fellow peer. Jim is Miss Watson’s slave. Huck’s…

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  • Mark Zuckerberg's Ethical Dilemmas

    All about the story: In October 2003, after his girlfriend breaks up with him, Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg brings his idea to life and with the help of his friend (Eduardo Saverin) creates a website called “” where female undergraduate students are rated by male students based on their attractiveness. Due to the frenzy that was created by the “” website Mark is suspended on six months academic probation and during this time he grabs the attention of Tyler…

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  • Benito Cerreno And Bartleby Analysis

    Consider the role of the narrator in both Benito Cereno and Bartleby. Follow your leader – three words that echo through both of these texts and symbolise Melville’s role as a narrator in distinct ways. His narrative diction in Benito Cereno and Bartleby is mechanically impressive but speaks volumes as to how he felt in relation to the new capitalist society America was rapidly evolving into and the problem of slavery to which the old America was clinging to. In these texts the lawyer in…

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  • Ahab's Innocence In Moby Dick

    After the Albatross, the Pequod crosses paths with the Town-Ho (Melville 195). The encounter with the Town-Ho is unique to the rest of the whaler-encounters, as Ishmael tells it in the form of a story within a story. The Town-Ho “gave [the Pequod] strong news of Moby Dick”, but not in any way that Ahab would want (Melville 199). Indeed, “the tragedy” the Town-Ho describes “never reached the ears of Captain Ahab” (Melville 199). The story represented by this ship raises an unanswerable…

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  • Marc Antony In Julius Caesar Analysis

    Antony to Rule the Republic In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, leadership and the implications surrounding it are recurring themes. Shakespeare’s insights into the human condition create the political setting and mood of the play, which centers on a group of men in various leadership positions. This focus on realistic human condition depicts flawed characters. Their flaws then are unavoidable due to the flawed nature of the world. With all these faults in character, the…

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  • Huckleberry Finn Humor Analysis

    Huck Finn Up Close and Personal The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a prestigious book that dates back to being written nearly two decades after the writing and signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, and post Civil War in America. Now the Civil War having just ended there was still an equality and racial inequality that dividing the people. Even during this bittersweet moment in the country, Twain still manages to add a bit of humor in his story. Twain’s humor takes up a…

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  • Huck Finn Critical Analysis

    helps connect to a highschool audience, all the while satirizing the various key aspects of southern society. Although Mark Twain utilizes a range of criticism throughout the novel, there is a strong focus on the societal dilemmas faced due simply to race. It is through this use of satire that Twain shines a light on the negative impacts of a slave-holding society and leaves a mark…

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  • The Book Of Revelations: The Gospel Of John

    Jesus then tells John to write down everything he sees and hears and to give it to the Seven Churches of Asia. Each church would get a special gift if they follow what John tells them. What John then describes afterwards is extremely confusing. Most likely it is a depiction of the end of the world. It could also be the depiction of events that took place before or after the time of this books publication. To continue with the description of the book, John opens seven seals. The first four seals…

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