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  • New Orleans Police Department

    For this forum I will select my city law enforcement agency which is the New Orleans Police Department or better known as the N.O.P.D.. The history of the N.O.P.D. Dates back all the way to the 1790 's and even though during that time the agency had a different name (Guard Deville or City Watch) it was created by the Spanish Colonial Governor Baron de Carondelet due to the high crime level, and to help the military fight against crime (Sinclair). The N.O.P.D. Started very small by 1817 it only…

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  • Black Diamond Argumentative Essay

    shyest person in the office on the dance floor. Or keep up the competition with blackjack, roulette, or poker tables—the casino game rentals will transform your typical corporate event into the water cooler topic of the decade! Bring Las Vegas or Mardi Gras to your Cincinnati or Columbus location with the wild themes that Black Diamond can offer. They will transform your office into a different world—complete with brilliant entertainers and party favors! So raise the stakes with this year’s…

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  • Tulane: My Favorite City, New Orleans

    I am interested in attending Tulane for various reasons. One being that it is located in my favorite city, New Orleans. New Orleans is such a great city with so much to do and culture that is very rich. It is drenched in wonderful history and makes you feel like you are in a whole different country while being located right in the United States. I also love the climate of New Orleans. It being warm all year is a major plus for me. Tulane also is the perfect size with not too many and not two…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Person's Cultural Identity

    A person's cultural identity can be described by many things. Nobody in this world will have the exact same cultural identity as another person. For example, music and traditions play a part in someone's cultural identity. Three major things that describes my cultural identity is hobbies, food, and festivals. First off, having a passion for my hobbies which are basketball and video games. Growing up around people that loved the game of basketball really influenced me to start playing. When I was…

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  • Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas Analysis

    (Logsdon 65). Essentially, New Orleans is a city of forgotten history: the people and the places. Dana and Dawn are trying to reconsolidate the knowledge and appreciation of the city during their tour. In order to remarket New Orleans as more than Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street, one must be willing to make amends with the past injustices and bring forth the history and redeeming qualities of New…

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  • Descriptive Essay About New Orleans

    at Bourbon Street. This street is located right in the heart of the French Quarter and extends some blocks from Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue. There are quite a few French Quarter festivals that happen during the year, most famously the annual Mardi Gras celebration. During this time the street will be lined with hundreds of thousands…

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  • USS Maine Is To Blame

    were contracted to be built in other countries. The USS Maine was an item of the pride for the United States, and it was used in many ceremonies. It was taken up and down the east coast to be shown to the American people. It even took part in the Mardi Gras festival in 1897. In December of 1897, the Maine went south to Florida and then toward Cuba. The USS Maine arrived in Havana’s harbor in January of 1898. The reason it was sent to Cuba was because the United States did not know what the…

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  • An Essay On Haitian Culture

    million people that left the country because how the government is set up. Haiti is a unique country because of their population and their sport, Soccer. Haiti Culture is one of the most importance’s in Caribbean Island. It has festivals, Carnival, Mardi gras, Haitian music, floats, showcase and more. In Haiti’s Artistic they use light colors which makes it native in their perspective. Their art shows humor and symbols of their country. Haiti was inhabited by Tanio, an Arawaken people. Haiti…

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  • Halloween Costumes Research Paper

    Wholesale Halloween Costumes is the only online retailer of Halloween costumes at wholesale prices. This company features a huge selection of costumes for all ages and sizes while catering to various occasions and themes (including Halloween, Mardi Gras, Christmas, Disney, various animals, fairy tales and much more). The store stocks over 4,000 costumes and accessories. At Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you'll find a great selection of Halloween costumes and more for the entire family. Their…

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  • Personal Narrative: What Doesn T Work At Rvers

    RVers they would do well. I know a woman that makes decals for the FreeRoaders; another guy use to make buttons for the GTGs and gave them away; I always told him he should charge for them since he was making 30-40 for each GTG. When I held the Mardi Gras GTG there were over 80 RVers there but he only made them for the FreeRoaders and not the WINs who attended. All depends on how handy you are. Don't know if you know of the 2 Crazy Ladies, they surely aren't crazy, who make name tags, and…

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