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  • Crouching Lion Analysis

    size, detail, and the unknown about this piece. Greek artists are believed to be the ones that created this sculpture and it is estimated to be created around the year 330-317 B.C. The “Crouching Lion” was carved into one giant slab of pentellic marble and is still in very good condition. I thought this piece was very beautiful and I thought it would be very interesting to compare this sculpture to others during that time period. The “Dying Gallic Trumperter” is an intriguing sculpture in the…

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  • The Benefits Of Granite Memorials

    grave markers were carved from limestone, sandstone, or marble, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks that do not weather the elements well. Over time, the inscriptions become impossible to read and the surface of the stone becomes rough, even brittle. Because of the composition of these stones, these types of stone readily absorb moisture very easily and actually erode from the inside out. This process is called “spalling,” and is the reason marble, limestone, and sandstone erode so quickly.…

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  • Newton's Three Laws Of Motion

    The scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, helped to organize the thinking about forces by formulating three laws. In his book Newton describes his three laws of motion. Newton’s Laws are all around us. To prove this, you will conduct 14 different activities showing everyday examples of these laws. Lab Procedure You will start at a lab station and then move from station to station until you have completed all 14 activities. You will have 3minutes to do the activity at each lab station. Perform the…

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  • Archie Costello: A Summary

    Archie Costello is the assigner of the Vigils. In Archie's eyes the world is made up of two kinds of people, those who are victims and those who are victimizes (Cormier 41). Archie's power is motivated by self-defense. Archie believes that if he victimized everyone else then nobody can victimize him. In the book, we are not told in detail about Archie's home life, but by his actions readers can tell that his home life was not all that good. Archie comes across as a bully, but he is not the…

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  • Behavioral Game Theory Analysis: Baron-Cohen, Leslie, And Frith

    In a groundbreaking study, Baron-Cohen, Leslie, and Frith (1985) compared children with Autism aged between 6 and 16 to two other groups which were, children who suffered from down syndrome aged from 7 to 17, and the control group which were children with no cognitive or social disorders aged from 3 to 6. In comparing these three groups Baron-Cohen et al found the cognitive ability of the three different populations differed. After looking at two different standardized test which were the…

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  • Gerald Cantor's Draped Relief Of Youth

    thick drape with a multitude of folds encircles much of the lower torso and left arm, while the upper torso is completely exposed. The head and right arm of the statue are broken jaggedly, implying that the sculpture was created from one block of marble. The shoulders of are essentially parallel with the ground. The various physical components of this sculpture work in harmony to create an intense symbolic representation of youth. Symmetric geometry creates one aspect of youth, unblemished form.…

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  • The Importance Of Newton's Three Laws Of Motion

    Newton's three laws of motion consist of information about gravity, force and acceleration. The law’s where written by Newton in 1666. Each law explains a different theory about how gravity works. The first law talks about why objects stay in motion or rest unless an unbalanced force is acted upon that object. The next law explains how force equals acceleration. The third law talks about how if any action is created there is a equal and opposite reaction that appears. Each one of these laws…

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  • Five Stage Model In Nursing

    The Stages of My Nursing Career T’ era Moore Columbus State University The Stages of My Nursing Career Within the nursing world, there are five stages that a nurse progresses through in their career. Dr. Benner’s theory created a five stage model that provided a framework for professional development for nurses (Hawkins, 2013). The model delineates over time and skill acquisition necessary to achieve expert status, which is the ultimate goal. The five stages that nurses must proceed through…

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  • Architecture: The Taj Mahal

    Shah Jahan, Taj Mahal, c. 1632-1647. Marble, 580m by 300m The Taj Mahal is a powerful and famous building worldwide and according to Let’s Go, The Taj Mahal is “Featured on signs of a million and one restaurants, T-shirts, and biscuit tins…” (176) The Taj Mahal is famous because of the builder, Shah Jahan’s, sad love story and the “unique beauty” (Bradnock & Bradnock 243) of the architecture. Built with white marble and different stones from across Central Asia, engraved with different floral…

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  • Greek Sculptors In The Archaic Period

    anatomy became more accurate and the transition into realism became more evident (Kouros, 2002). By the end of the Archaic Period and into the early Classical Period a sculpture titled Kritios Boy (480 BCE) was created. Kritios Boy was carved from marble, approximately 3 feet and 10 inches in height, and was the first to portray weight shift in proportion to the human body. Never before had a sculptor been concerned…

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