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  • Hawker Centre Case Study

    National University of Singapore. Dept. of Sociology. (1997). Hybridity, ethnicity and food in singapore. Singapore: Dept. of sociology, National University of Singapore. Duruz, J., & Khoo, G. C. (2015). Eating together: Food, space, and identity in malaysia and singapore. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield. Henderson, J. C., Yun, O. S., Poon, P., & Biwei, X. (2012). Hawker centres as tourist attractions: The case of singapore. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 31(3), 849-855. Kong, L.,…

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  • Hindustan Aeronautic Case Study

    Introduction Hindustan Aeronautics is an Indian state-owned Aerospace and defence company based in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is governed under the management of the Indian Ministry of Defence. The government-owned corporation is primarily involved in the operations of the aerospace industry. These include manufacturing and assembly of aircraft, navigation and related communication equipment and airports operation. The Engine Division, which is ISO-9002 certified, was set up in 1957 to…

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  • India Case Study

    Background of India India is located in South Asia. Capital of India is New Delhi. It is a low income, developing country. India has the world’s second largest population exceeded only by that of China. In 2000, India crossed the billion mark which tipped to be the planet’s most populous nation in the next couple of decades (Saris, 2001). It is also the 7th largest country by area. India population is now 1,236,344,631. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are four major world religions that…

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  • Research Paper On Saudi Arabia

    Saad AljabburAlsuba October/ 5/ 2016 Lillie-Dunn My country (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ), and it is an Arab state in Western Asia. We have a large land, which is about 2,150,000 km, and (830,000 sq miles). In fact, Saudi Arabia is the fifth largest state in Asia and second largest state in Arab world. The Saudi Arabia is a basically a monarchical state in south-western Asia, possesses the…

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  • Indradhwaja Case Study

    1. Indradhwaja is an Asian country whose Socio-politico-legal order is similar to India. It has 20 states which include multicultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious country. It is a country where a majority of the population (approx. 60%) follows ‘Pihu’ religion. Other prominent religion is ‘Soham’ which constitutes about 25% of the population and is in the majority in the state of Panchtara out of twenty states. Whereas in 13 states, Pihus are in majority. In its various parts religious…

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  • Manor House Country Club Hotel Case Study

    1. Exclusive Summary Introduction 1.1 About the Manor House Country Club Hotel The Manor House Country Club Hotel is a family business owned by Jenkins family in the year 1992 in Singapore. The hotel is located in three acres of prestigious domestic land and now operates as a single hotel. Because of its well developed, it provides variety of luxurious accommodation to visitors from overseas. The hotel’s modernized restaurant provides variety kind of cuisine around the world; the hotel also has…

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  • S P Setia Case Study

    (C) i. An assessment on any non-financial information S P SETIA BERHAD Latest developments S P Setia Berhad has been recognized as a lead listed real estate player of Malaysia. S P Setia Berhad has a proven track record of innovation-driven and standard-setting developments in a portfolio that encompasses eco-sanctuaries, townships, luxury enclaves, commercial developments and high-rise residences. They express their commitment to create environments that perfectly balance the four areas of…

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  • Clashs Of Civilizations: An Analysis Of The Clash Of Civilizations

    The article Clash of Civilizations begins by speaking on why there will be a clash of civilizations, where he gives a total of six explanations, and then he focuses by acknowledging that these clashes will take place on cultural fault lines whether they be distant countries, neighboring countries, or internal cultural borders within a specific country. This section mostly hits on the clash between the ideologies of the west vs. Islam. The author then goes on to explain how the civilizations of…

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  • Dutch Empire

    Setting the Stage The Dutch Empire a the British Empire were very similar since the government took over from a company of their nation for the colonisation of another country. The Dutch East India Com pany first “colonised” the Indonesian archipelago, and then after 1799, The Dutch government took over the Dutch East India Company and “modified the company’s loose control of Java and gradually built a…

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  • Green Revolution Case Study

    Will the Green Revolution cause the Malaysian to see red? Many world financial organizations seem to think so. The Malaysian nation has for the first time found a solution to its agricultural needs through the Green Revolution, but it is slowly coming to light that there are externalities associated with its success. The struggling underclass that traditionally supported the local economies appears to be collapsing, and concern is growing among officials of the World Bank. The Green Revolution…

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